Photographer Robert Cameron Rocked!

Last month Charlotte and I saw Robert Cameron’s photo show at the Metreon. It was pretty fantastic.

Yesterday Charlotte told me that he died. That’s the bad news. The good news is that… well, let me grab snippets from his obituary in the San Francisco Chronicle:

Three months ago, Robert Cameron was hanging out of a helicopter taking pictures of Lombard Street.

He was 98 and in the midst of his last show – “Environmental Journey: Robert Cameron’s Aerial Photography of our Pacific Rim,” which is on display at the Metreon in downtown San Francisco.

Over four decades, Mr. Cameron produced 15 coffee table books in the “Above” series, with 3 million copies in print.

Mr. Cameron, who was by then married to his high school sweetheart,

In lieu of services, the family would like people to attend “Environmental Journey,” Mr. Cameron’s show at the Metreon, scheduled to be up until the end of the month. It includes 59 giant photo murals highlighting green practices and environmental themes from across the Pacific Rim. The window display on Fourth Street is his last photo of Lombard Street, colorfully made over for an anniversary celebration of the board game Candy Land.

“He regarded that show as his legacy,” Tony Cameron said. “He wanted to be able to show at the end of his life the kind of work that he did.”

Go to the show.
Live life.

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  1. uRdead2me says:

    RIP — Robert Cameron. And he made his ice cubes from Scotch!

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