Too Much To Do!

Mon 9-21 – Dinner with Charlotte in Alameda, Air Gun obtainment!

Tues 9-22 – Adventure dinner out to Glen Park, getting picnic supplies at Canyon Market, discovering  Eggettes, having a picnic on our living room floor, seeing lit candles outside our door and happy birthday song from Cindy!

Wed 9-23 – Dorkbot with Mark Pauline, getting beer for Schuyler at Dorkbot and telling someone “Yeah, Schuyler’s younger than he loo.. oops”, then drinks with Erik at Tempest!

Thurs 9-24 Noisebridge with Schuyler, discovering the  capacitive  properties of old keyboards

Fri 9-25 Brad Paisley and Dierks Bentley concert at Shoreline Amphitheater with Charlotte, Rick and 40,000 screaming hot chicks.

Sat 9-26 Greek Food Festival! Greek Food Coma!! Very fun Kinky Salon as John Bender! Dare I say that much of the evening was quite wholesome!

Sun 9-27 Rest! I DIDN’T go to the Hand Car Regatta, the Folsom Street Fair (I feel I should go at least ONCE in my life, oh well), or the Greek Food Festival (I was still in butter shock from yesterday!   But I did go to Noisebridge for a while to hack on some SWARMie stuff and some nice guy’s Arduino project.


  1. Alexis says:

    Ok, excuse me? You had an adventure in Glen Park and DIDN’T EVEN CALL ME? I only live two or three blocks from Canyon Market, hurumph! :-) But I guess I didn’t say happy birthday so I don’t deserve to have visitors… :-)

    Um, yeah, very fun Kinky Salon is right! Total WIN with your costume, yo.

  2. lee says:

    We didn’t know we were going to end up in Glen Park! We’d get to an intersection and I’d say, “Charlotte, pick a number, 1 or 2.” and I’d be thinking in my mind which direction 1 and 2 were correlated with. We ended up there!

    Man, it’s cold and dark and rainy in Glen Park! We fled back to the sunny Mission to complete our dining expedition. We’ll have to bring some sunshine from the Mission next time!

    KS was so great. Thanks for the compliments about my costume!

  3. Alexis says:

    Choose your own adventure hiking; I love it!

    Um, cold and rainy, eh? I prefer the term “refreshing and misty”, but yes, those spoiled by too much good weather will find themselves shocked to know what real SF weather feels like… :-P Actually, this place is much, much less windy than when I lived in Noe Valley…

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