Kinder Surpise Eggs Are Awesome

KinderEggEvery now and then I get a Kinder Surprise Egg… or “Kinder-Ãœberraschung” from this little German store I know of. They completely totally rock! Charlotte with her German background first introduced them to me. If you ever get the chance to get or give one, do so!

They are like Cracker Jacks, only the “secret toy  surprise  in the pack” is fantastic instead of kinda sucky.  Everyone likes chocolate.  Whenever I mention them to Germans, they dismissively say, “Oh, those are just for children.” But when I gave one to our waiter at Walzwerk in San Francisco, her eyes lit up like a little girl at Christmas. :-)


  1. Alexis says:


    I was addicted when I lived in France and Germany. I had almost the whole Astérix figurine set! But the best was when I got the Kinder-Ueberraschung advent calendar at Karstadt one year for Christmas. KINDER EVERY DAY!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Scatman Dan says:

    ‘Kinder Eggs are sold all over the world excluding the United States, where the 1938 Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act prohibits embedding “non-nutritive items” in confections.’ – Wikipedia article on Kinder Surprise

    Apparently the USA is just about the only place you can’t get them. Here in the UK, I can’t think of anybody who wouldn’t know what they are.

  3. lee says:

    >[Kinder Eggs are a crime]

    Feh! I went and changed my post as not to reveal my source of Kinder Surprise Eggs, lest FDA agents go beat up the nice lady who runs the store and steal her supply.

  4. Alexis says:

    That nice lady sold me some cool buttons right before I moved to Germany. Conversation pieces FTW!

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