Recent Movies: X Men 2, XMen 3, Star Trek

Primer at the recomendation of Warren Lynch (film maker). It was really good and entertaining.

X Men 2 and X Men 3 – Jeez, they are scary violent. I mean, when you go up against Wolverine, he doesn’t knock you out or paralyse you or anything; he puts 6 long metal blades into you and moves them in opposing directions with superhuman strength. He kills you. And the ending of X Men 3… yow, Jean Grey uses telekinesis to tear everyone in a 100 yard radius into what look like 1/4″ blobs of flesh.

Star Trek. Saw it at the Metreon on the IMAX screen last night with Brenden, Charlotte, Jon F and Rick T. Wow. This is the summer’s blockbuster. Very heavy on the attitude, energy, emotion and visuals. A couple plot holes but that’s not what the movie was about. It was more about getting kick-ass backstories for the ST:TOS characters that we thought we already knew and loved.  This morning I was exhausted; I think it was because the movie took it out of me. Phew!

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  1. Marah says:

    I loved Primer. I watched it at least 3 times and was still learning new things. Smart film that trusts its audience!

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