Agricola, Soylent Green, Hancock, Iron Man, Bejing Olympics

Crism was on the left coast for business. I played Agricola with him, Riley, Sean, Josh. It’s a good game.

Saw Soylent Green today:  Soylent Green audio clip 1,  Soylent Green Audio Clip 2. Good movie.

I caught Hancock a couple weeks ago. Quite enjoyable. :-)

Iron Man is a really good Blockbuster. Witty, tight, fun. :-)

I watched the opening ceremonies of the Bejing Olympics. Wow, wow, wow and wow. Did I mention “wow”? It scares me in much the same way that the Blue Angels do during Fleet Week.

Oh, and a while back I caught Silent Running. It’s a movie that I don’t think stands the test of time. It’s got this odd flower-child bent to it.

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  1. rick! says:

    Silent running is a strange movie.

    I don’t see why you’d want fresh foods anyway, though.

    Hippy :)

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