Motivational Posters

Here are some Motivational Posters for you.

Yes, they are all incredibly offensive.

Envy: When you can’t have one, pissing people off who do is the next best thing.


Inspiration: Sometimes you just have to seize the moment.


Stereotypes: They’re based on reality


Birth Control: Because if you aren’t careful, one of these could be yours.
Way way more follow…

They see me rollin: They hatin, patrollin and tryin to catch me ridin dirty


Fail: That’s why you always get picked last, fatty.


Teamwork: Share victory. Share defeat.


Survival: When you are in deep trouble, say nothing, and try to look like you know what you’re doing.


Individuality: Because the rest of the world can just kiss your ass.


Hitler: He’s alive, bitches!


Manwich: Shut the fuck up and eat.


Epic Failure: And that shit is permanent.


Cybersex: Yep, this is ’18yohottiegirl’ you just masturbated with.


Damn: They got smart.


Unique: Just because you are unique does not mean you are useful.


Blasphemy: A ticket to Hell has never been funnier.


Overconfidence: This is going to end in disaster, and you have no one to blame but yourself.


True Happiness: It’s easier to find for fat people.


Chances: Don’t be a pussy. This guy seems legit.


Epic Fail: Seriously, how the fuck did you manage that?


Free Online Porn: Corrupts everyone. Even thoose that have no idea what they’re looking at.


Cowbell: You need more of it.


Homeboys: Fag In, Fag Out.


Blending In: You just can’t do it.


Coolness: You may be cool… but you’ll never be 4 popped-collars cool.


Creativity: If life give you no money for hats, you make a fro-hat.


Voyeurism: You failed…


Flying Sharks: That’s it, we’re fucked.


Flying Tanks: Fuck your flying sharks.


Flying Kittens: Fuck your flying tanks.


Flying Dogs: Fuck your flying kittens, tanks and sharks.


This: Will not end well.



Abandoned Clown Train: It’s freaky as shit.


Domestic Violence: Because sometimes, you have to tell her more than once.




Relax: It’s just my armpit.


Envy: it wears a coat and hangs out in hallways.


Rock Bottom: You’ll Know It When You Get There.


  1. Rosa says:

    Well, several of those are grossly offensive, and it would be nice never to see them again!

  2. Lee says:

    Oh, sorry about that. I suppose I should have mentioned at the top that some of them are pretty offensive.

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  4. jb says:

    #1 is grossly offensive for being grossly offended. Unless he/she is kidding, in which case, good job!

  5. Flame says:

    That Blasphemy one was so good it literally made me laugh until I cried!!!!

  6. bob says:

    That was f’ing hilarious. Greta collection Dude!!!!!!

  7. x says:

    lol @ the fat girls

  8. BludKnight says:

    Funny ass shit I like ’em all

  9. Susannah says:

    Seriously – the best collection of these I’ve seen, ever. Fucking ever! :) Stumbled!

  10. qiddas says:

    ROTFL!!! flying sharks, tanks, kittens and dogs FTW!

  11. John says:

    No, I agree with Rosa, some of them were definitely grossly offensive. And I think it’s triply offensive that someone would find that fact that another finds these grossly offensive to be grossly offensive. Follow?
    A lot of them were funny for damn sure (blasphemy is epic and the guy in coolness looks like derek zoolander) but a lot of them were just ignorance masquerading as humor. I don’t care how much you think you’re joking, but it’s not okay to promote an air of tolerance towards violence against women (or anyone for that matter, except perhaps the purveyors of violence) and derision towards overweight women. Really, you need to grow up and stop taking everything as a joke.
    Kudos on the rest of them though.

  12. mehmeh says:

    it would appear #1 and 11 are abused fat chicks

  13. Jane says:

    #11? generic name like joe? Seems like you are a fat woman in disguise. I didn’t know they had disguises that fit your type.

  14. Aaron says:

    Awesome, all of them, especially Wharrgarbl. oh yeah, and envy.

  15. Dammit says:

    Christ I hate fat chicks. You just kinda want to hit them, am I right? Can I get an amen motherfucker?

  16. hahahahahahahahahahaha says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha infintity

  17. Jurgen says:

    Wow… what a collection!

  18. Moe Jillionaire says:

    Oh shit, funniest thing I’ve ever collectively seen.

  19. READY says:

    I don’t often laugh out loud, but that had me doubling over a couple times. Good stuff. And screw the people who are offended, they don’t have to look again. Censorship is for Nazis.

  20. Ryan G says:

    Funny as hell!

  21. kimpunkrock says:

    Hahahahahaha–Very funny!

    If anyone is offended then it is probably the fat people.

  22. Hobittual says:

    I bet Rosa get’s more offended every time she looks at them. I am fairly sure she is a fat girl, not that it is wrong to be fat, i am, but she should stfu!

  23. Wanda Wood says:

    The posters are all so hillarious! Some of the comments are pretty funny too. It never fails to amuse me what some people will waste their time being offended by when there is so much true evil going on in the world.

  24. fuck fat cunts says:

    ill tell u what if these 2 fat bitches dont like them then just dont look at them again no reason to bitch

  25. Anonymous says:

    For the love of…

    # Rosa Says:
    May 27th, 2008 at 10:55 am

    Well, several of those are grossly offensive, and it would be nice never to see them again!

    Shut the fuck up and diaf.

  26. Alex says:


    Growing up has nothing to do with “not taking everything as a joke.” That’s a horribly misguided statement.

    Yes, spousal abuse is ever-so-horrible. However, the humor isn’t condoning or “promoting an air of tolerance” of the subject–in fact, that’s the joke itself. It’s funny not because the man clearly abuses his wife, rather it’s funny because the statement which accompanies it is morally atrocious.

    As far as obese women and men, they deserve every drop of derision they receive. Being morbidly obese is, except in rare cases, 100% choice. It should never be something we find acceptable or feel we have to “tolerate.” It’s disgusting, unhealthy, and irresponsible.

  27. John 2.0 says:

    I just love that in the midst of his rant about offensiveness the previous John said that “blasphemy is funny for damn sure” – a lot of people would be offended by that, but I guess it doesn’t count because he doesn’t like those people. Not that I do, I just don’t like hypocrites either…

  28. Allah says:

    Thank you, Alex, for saying it in his face. I guarantee you will go to heaven when you die and you’ll have 40 virgins at your disposal. NONE OF WHICH are fat.

  29. EWOKDUNG says:

    Holy space herpes Batman!!! It looks like the folks have lost the ability to smile once in awhile! Lighten up and stumble on.

  30. eko says:

    this is sooooo cool!!! lotso respect to the creator

  31. Holly says:

    You’re on that INTERNET, STUMBLING.. and you expect things not to be offensive? This is the era of 4chan, people. You pretty much have to get used to it, or get off the internet.

  32. Jack Vermicelli says:

    How is it that in September 2008, people are posting as if they’ve never seen every single one of these before?

  33. kidsAfoodSource says:


    Dude if the posters on this page offend you… cut off the internet and back away.

    Ever hear of “Two Girls One Cup”? You should Google that.

    Offensive… give me a break!

  34. Cool pops says:

    The popped collar one should be removed!!!
    What do you have against coolness anyway?
    I can’t help it.
    I was born with my collars popped.

  35. steve says:

    Oops! It turns out that you need a sense of humour to look at funny things on the internet. Besides, I’m sure she just slipped and hit her face off of a doorknob seven or eight times…

  36. A6M4 says:

    Hey John 2.0, it is quite possible that what the first john meant by “blasphemy is funny for damn sure,” (even though that is not technically what he said) is that the one entitled Blasphemy was very funny. Maybe by itself the picture was offensive, but the caption redirected the picture to one of humor? Maybe next time we want to slam someone for being a hypocrite we should do so in a manner that actually makes sense, yes?

  37. Rosa ate my hamster says:

    The ‘They see me rollin’ guy and the ‘Cybersex’ guy – Father and son? You know I’m right.

  38. Psst! says:

    Those 40 virgins could be nuns…

  39. RPO says:

    LOL great post! thanks for putting these together!

  40. FrigginSweet says:

    Awesome, just awesome.

  41. liv says:

    Ha. Ever wonder if the people in these photo’s ever stumble their pictures?

  42. ACon says:

    To: Everyone who is offended
    From: Yes.
    Message: Welcome to the internet! We’re glad you could join us, and we hope you enjoy your stay!

  43. Jon says:

    Wow, I think some of these people should get the sticks out of their asses. If they found any of those grossly offensive, the must have just discovered teh intertubes yesterday.

  44. mina says:

    the best series EVER.

  45. Terry says:

    You do NOT have the RIGHT to NOT be offended.
    If you don’t like it I don’t care.
    It is all funny and it is all unfunny.
    It makes no difference. The author says it is funny.
    If you don’t like this then burn books because you can’t burn the Internet.
    Or move to communist China, they censor it for you there.
    Then you won’t be offended, you just won’t be free.
    And don’t reply angrily to me as it offends me.

  46. AlecEiffel says:

    Haha, funny collection.
    I love the “Abandoned Clown Train” because
    it’s quite random, and very true.
    The whole “flying” montage was great.
    “Blasphemy” was rate good though for its creativity.

    I suppose none of these offended me because
    I don’t get offended easily.
    However, I think some people are unintelligent
    and heartless with the freedom of comments.

    Oh well.

    I don’t really care either way.

  47. Kilroy says:

    Nice posters, here’s a good Obama poster.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Stealing content from 4chan is easy, isn’t it, guys?

  49. memo says:

    That guy with the four popped collars looks like he’s protruding from a giant green vagina…

  50. girly says:

    those were awesome, can’t stop laughing

  51. Matt says:

    Some are funny, a few are rather offensive.
    BTW, the Happiness girl looks like she’s more chubby than fat and she’d be cute without that look on her face.

    Oh, and a major lol for the Hitler one.

  52. Anon says:

    To all those who are offended: that’s the goddamn point. Welcome to the internet bitches! Seriously, if you have learned anything about it you would know that the ability to create and post things anonymously makes people insensitive…and that’s great. It’s raw human psyche we’re viewing and believe it or not, it’s funny. There’s a small part of you deep down inside that wants to laugh at the spousal abuse photo, and that small part of the human brain is what the internet as we know it today is made out of. Sure, there is happy fun land where the sun is always smiling and the unicorns are farting rainbows over the singing flowers. You like it there? Stay the fuck there. Don’t come into out territory and bitch because, and trust me on this one, we feed off of your discomfort and anger…we love it. Its taste is much akin to that of braised baby flesh with a good Chablis.

    tl;dr Quit yer fucking bitching you babies, many worse things lurk on the internet.

  53. giovanni says:

    Rosa is right … some of these ARE grossly offensive … thats why I love ’em and stole a couple as wallpaper. I do hate the one on Blasphmy … I hate that I didn’t think of it first … its beautiful!!!

  54. Harry Barracuda says:

    If you are offended I’d strongly recommend you fuck off and find some other whiners and have a group “being offended” session. It will probably make you feel better. Then you can go and vote republican like all the other jesus wheezers and fat whiny fucks.

  55. Jim Bob says:

    That was absolutely hilarious!!

  56. darth vader says:

    What’s the point in copying a load of stuff of another site and putting it on your own?

  57. EdC says:

    Congratulations on a very funny post. You know you’ve succeeded when there are tools showing up and caring enough to write hate posts.

    I always love how tools think that what offends them makes that thing more offensive than the other parts. Unless you think they’re all offensive then just shut the F up because you are a hypocrite. They’re all offensive to somebody and that’s why they are funny. It’s just that some of us understand that our line isn’t more important than anyone else’s line.

  58. Emma says:

    HA! I’m a fat chick and I thought the fat jokes were hilarious…

  59. wet coz i peed laughing says:

    Stumbling onto gems like this really lifted my day… followed but reading all the comments which made it even better! alex, legend!it a choice, fat ppl… loose weight or stfu!!!!

  60. Sigh says:

    I like these, though have seen most of them a lot. Just been reading the comments. There are more people bitching and moaning about the people who are offended than the people who were offended in the first place. So it looks like some people are offended by people who get offended. Woh.

  61. Sigh 2 says:

    If anyone actually get offended by this i pity you, It’s humor if you don’t like it then don’t look at it

  62. azul says:

    rambo ramos like midgets!!!!!!!!

  63. lee says:

    Darth (comment #60) writes: What’s the point in copying a load of stuff of another site and putting it on your own?

    Mostly because I wanted to hang onto these funnies (and all the other memories on my site) for myself. You can’t trust that anything will be around forever on anyone’s site but your own. In general, I blog for me. It’s a bonus when I get to share with others.

  64. ching chong chinaman says:

    I am offended by the this will not end well one! Take it down now or I will have to samurai your whole family! That is my brother and his wife would never sleep with a dirty white devil! This was clearly photoshopped, I can tell because his entrails are not adorning our familial samurai house!

  65. Nawrucci says:

    God Bless You All!!! Your comments just made my day. That YMCA pic is AWESOME!!!

    P.S: As a kinda chubby man myself, I find Fat People hilarious too. So u got my blessings in posting more fat stuff. kudos.

  66. Jewels says:

    COWBELL!!!! I would order that!! LMAO!

  67. kimber. says:

    Envy makes me laugh out loud every since time. Good job!

  68. LOLOLOLOL says:

    LMAO stumbled to it..o offended people..STFU go lose weight stop worring about the internet go worry about the murders you call military hypocrites please be an hero or worry about other things..o btw..bookmarked..add more please!!

  69. ROFL says:

    lol go on!!! yay

  70. whargarbl says:


  71. Lowell says:

    Thumbs up!

  72. Stacey says:

    Haha I’m fat and the fat jokes made me laugh, people make fun of everything, so what’s the point of getting upset? Why not just see the humor in it?

    These amused the living shit out of me!

  73. hosepo ese says:

    well rosa,it’s all funny as hell so everybody deserves to see it!

  74. Brian Beazle Dennis says:

    stfu bitches this shit was the funniest stuff i’ve seen in a while i literally fell out of my chair
    if you’re offended
    get the fuck off the internet
    cuz you’re destined to find MUCH worse
    god damn people these days

    What do you tell a girl with two black eyes….?

    you’ve told her twice

  75. Sean says:

    Wow, fucking awesome

  76. kokesh says:

    I guess that those “offensive” mentioned in comments are those with “afroamericans”, not those with “euroamericans”. Or is it those with “asiaamericans”? I am really confused :))))
    I think that some people are sick.

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  78. Utah Dave99 says:

    Genius. Made my day, week, month and more! I would buy each one of these in duplicate so i could hang them in every room in my house and give them as gifts for Christmas, Halloween and Presidents Day. . . GENIUS!!! Thank You!

  79. magnus says:

    what the hell Rosa?
    this is some of the funniest stuff i’ve seen in my life!!! i couldnt stop laughing, and if u do find it offensive, keep it to yourself!!! rosa, maybe you you see a resemblence of yourself in one or more of ’em? hey? think about it…

  80. roybertito says:

    Get a life any of you people complaining…..

    I am a left liberal according to my mates and would never offend or hurt anyone purposefully, but this is just childish humour, Get The Hell Over It…..

    Come on… is too short…..

    So short in fact, I wonder why i even wrote this message
    Ah well…..

  81. cristi says:

    funny as hell =))

  82. fyrwet says:

    great lsit

  83. JokesBoy says:

    All of them are so funny, and some teaches a lesson also.

  84. Simon Yes Simon says:


    Whargarbl is on it.

  85. Justin_Bobby says:

    The birth control one… man classic!!

  86. Moll says:

    Haha, these are genious!
    If your offended, click away, thats the beauty of the internet.
    If you post that these upset you nobody will care.

  87. wickedtina says:

    Voyeurism-that was funny…individuality-is it a man or woman?

  88. nate says:

    Agree with post #90, that made me LAUGH!!!!

    Funny stuff man,

  89. Anonymous says:

    Rosa and John. And Ron.
    Welcome to the internet! If you don’t like it, no one is making you stay.

  90. Anonymous says:

    I gotta tell you guys, the hypocrisy coming out of the people crying about the domestic violence poster and the fat girl ones absolutely cracks me up.

    They are probably fat women, who get beat up. Of course they don’t think it’s funny.

  91. wilbau says:

    Yes ‘Rock Bottom’ looks familiar. All cities have certain districts or streets where you watch scenes like this every night and day.
    I would not say that this kind of vomiting is a typical expression of a certain subculture, however it might get close to it.
    Lots of Bar- and Innkeepers depend on a certain kind of clientele. And this clientele is alike, the world over. However it’s definitely not a revolutionary movement, though some ‘conservative’ forces like churches or so try to stigmatize such international behaviour.
    So concluding, I will sum it up:
    Very interesting

  92. tony montana says:

    cool shit dude.
    i like your pictures and text

  93. Oleg says:

    funny as shit. Fuck you Flying Sharks”))

  94. donnie says:

    that was funny. exept the blasphemous thingy ma bab. you should take thatout.

  95. toni says:

    What a load of crap! I think you are all pretending to be cool to make an impression. What is funny about vulgariety? Grow up!

  96. Jenn says:

    (sigh) Life is sad.

  97. kris says:

    if you dont like it, you can hit the close button.

  98. Jared says:

    See….its true. The fat chicks can’t even “blend in” in the comments.

  99. alex says:

    best collection ever. the burritos is the best one btw

  100. superman says:



  101. melonaide says:

    those posters are really funny! especially the envy part. Those flying animals made me laugh! Those are brilliant. But I wouldn’t dare to do what you did with the blasphemy. But I find it funny tho.

    Those offensive people made me want to read all the comments. They too are funny! Their reactions made it all more funny.

  102. Sam says:

    yes some of these are offensive, but those who find them offencive should grow a sense of humour. If you can’t grow one, dont read these…simple.
    You cant take something out because afew people find it offensive, cuz then there wouldnt be any here…everything is offensive to someone…it just so happens that the fat chics that have turned to “god created the world 6000 years ago”anity because of their weight, are offended the most…but thats purely because theres 2 things to offend them with. Surely theres gotta be plenty of space in those volumptuous bodies next to the envy etc for atleast a little bit of a sense of humour…or do the pies get in the way?

  103. lee says:

    Sam, speaking of 6000 years ago…. check out these T-Shirts I made:
    (Yes, I own the orange one and I got my girlfriend the blue one)

    5,000 Years Ago When Pirates Ruled the Earth

    Mine is a kind and loving pasta

  104. tungk says:

    fuck you in the neck if your offended. as soon as you see something offensive move on. These are the type of people who sit around and complain about everything but wouldn’t get off their asses to make it better. If you find it offensive, move on. “That offends my sensitive nature, so I’ll sit here and get really offended instead of removing myself from the situation.”

  105. donnie says:

    i agree with melonaide

  106. ForoDeportes says:

    Great Compilation :)



  107. ohdawn says:

    thanks , im so glad i found this, & i thought i was sick.

  108. Adelle says:

    Huh, whether the pics were offensive or not, the intolerance from the posters toward the people who dared say “some of them are offensive” most certainly were offensive. An opinion is just an opinion, no need to waste so much time and energy being ticked off about it.

    and I felt sorry for the Envy girl. Also felt sorry for the dude with the Epic FAilure tattoo on his arm! hahahahaaaaa!

  109. older chick says:

    Thanks for putting this together!

    Some people really need to get some fresh air…

  110. Mark says:

    Thanks for that collection. An interesting way to begin the day!

  111. I see Fat People says:

    Most women who’d be offended are fat or know fat people.
    Most men who are offended are usually stuck with a fat chick, is gay, and/or has been in way too many chick flick moments and needs to regrow ‘her’ testicles.

    There is a thin line between humorous and offensive.. Sadly.. that line is too thin to be seen by the naked eye. I’ve found some to be disturbing (like the birth control pic) – WTF is THAT?!?

    Anyways Flying Dogs FTW!

    ps.. anyone that’s offended.. STFU and GTFO!


  112. scooby doo says:

    hate’s not funny. it’s just hate. especially junior high hate.

  113. LOL WUT says:

    If you are offended, gtfo my internets.

  114. Anon says:


  115. Ford says:


    … and anyone offended can report this site by hitting Alt+F4.

  116. Bob says:

    Is #1 grossly overweight, and sporting a black eye?

    This page is hilarious. :)

  117. Pajero says:

    Could I have the phone number of your armpit?

  118. tom says:

    So you were thinking everyone else has a site with motivational poster, I need one too ?
    Sigh…. boring. Thumbs down.

  119. tom says:

    So you were thinking everyone else has a site with motivational posters, I need one too ?
    Sigh…. boring. Thumbs down.

  120. BELINDA says:

    THEZE ARE GODDAMN HILARIOUS!! get a sense of humor people. geez, how fucking pathetic.

  121. Booma says:

    I will do everything within my power to ensure that this page is removed immediately!

  122. WOWBOOTY says:

    just a high roller FUKKAD stuff!!
    these are literally ‘rocking’ posts.

  123. Jackass says:

    “blending in”… Bah Ha! its funny cause shes fat!

  124. maryjane says:

    these are great although i feel a little bad for the people these pictures used to belong to .. the one with ENVY standing in the hallway with a jacket is my favorite .. couldnt stop laughing

  125. Melissa says:

    I found them ALL funny as hell. Especially the flying bit.

  126. Ace Gamble says:

    HAHA.. some funny Stuff here… Some of you frootloops need to quit taking everything so serious.. If you can’t laugh at things in life you are going to have a long miserable one.

  127. Patty says:

    the guy with all the popped collars looks like an artichoke

  128. lol says:


  129. Browneye says:

    If you are offended then GET OFF THE WORLD WIDE WEB!!!!
    Good stuffmeinthebrowneye.

  130. Dan says:

    This is the funniest web site I have been to. I just wish that more people had a sense of humor, those that don’t should just crawl under a rock, and not bother anyone with what they lack.

  131. Junior says:

    Outstanding collection and use of literature, i wasn’t offended and i thought it was reality. one man’s opinion. good job!

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  133. Cristi says:

    amazing pictures man :))

  134. DJ says:

    Amen mothafucker……..

    Its a joke people, fucking laugh or leave seriously, everyone wants to bitch about something instead of just having a good time. For Christ sake get a fucking sense of humor.

  135. Maria says:

    Im fat.. and they’re fucking funny!! LMAO!

  136. Lorenzo di Medici says:

    Funny pictures, although many were lifted from other compilations in the US and in Russia

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  138. Julia says:

    Excellent stuff, well funny!

  139. Murk says:

    Freaking great! I love the Demotivate Us posters

  140. IdahoVixen says:

    I thought these were really funny and I’m puzzled as to why so many are being persecuted for their opinions. If we all liked the same thing as everyone else this world would sure be a boring place. Opinions are just that- OPINIONS not fact. But one fact that is obvious here….there are a lot of very angry people who feel the need to be rude to others because they don’t see the world in the same way. Maybe one of these angry people is the one in the Hitler pic? Just my opinion.

  141. Disappointed says:

    Quote from Alex:
    “As far as obese women and men, they deserve every drop of derision they receive. Being morbidly obese is, except in rare cases, 100% choice. It should never be something we find acceptable or feel we have to “tolerate.” It’s disgusting, unhealthy, and irresponsible.”

    Hmmmm…..choice huh? Yup they choose to be discriminated against, just like the Jews in 1940’s Germany, The African Americans in pre-Civil war America (and the 50’s), The homosexuals in the military, the Japanese Americans during WWII, the mentally ill throughout history, and the Muslims today. Discrimination is ugly and it’s not only against race and religion. It is sad that people think it is ok to ridicule and hate based on body type. You know if we all looked the same and believed in the same things we would fit perfectly into Hitler’s idea of the perfect race… extremely disturbing thought.

    Alex, you are probably an average sized white male….am I right?

  142. A6M4 says:

    to disappointed,
    not only is it ignorant to compare obesity with the holocaust, it is also stupid. leave it alone

  143. JH says:

    Which one do you find offensive Rosa, just out of curiosity?

  144. NaDa says:

    Hate is hate no matter the target.

    To get us back on track with the real reason peeps r here…..the posters are hilarious!

  145. fatty says:

    nice and funny ;-)

  146. hirarious. says:


  147. Phil Sweeney says:

    Offenswive, my ass. The Internet is like a television….it has an on/off button. If it offends you, poor baby, click the back button. What in the hell are you people crying about. It’s time you stop getting your 15 minutes. Big deal. Don’t like it? Turn the damn thing off. Better yet, hit the back button. Nobody stands over you to make you navigate to a certain page. It’s your own damn curiosity that makes you view stuff like this. What’s the matter? No self control? Why ruin things for other people with your totally unnecessary comments. Just shut the hell up and sit down.

    By the way, this was the funniest collection of what we ALL (yes, all) think at one time or another! Forget those with no sense of humor, keep it coming!

  148. Raycboy says:

    Why are they offended? 7 x out of 10 thats what comedy is all about, learn to take a joke, laugh with it, dont be offended by it, then who knows you might just have a smile on your face more than what you right now!!!

  149. destinacious says:

    Funny! xD

  150. Danimal says:

    Ok… anyone else getting fed up of being told this is the internet?

    I mean, I’m pretty sure its the internet, atleast thats what the guy said…

  151. jfk says:

    i havent laughed this hard in ages

  152. bones says:

    Quite a few were just stupid, not funny, sexism, violent, and offensive. Don’t know how one could like most of these without being warped. Too bad the one or two ok have so much crap surrounded them. The one with the girl with the black eye should land some idiot in jail. Overall horrible and tasteless.

  153. Danimal says:

    Laughing at these things is like eating the forbidden fruit.

    We don’t necessarily agree with the views, but they’re funny because they’re wrong.

    Lighten up you big fucking jessy. (Aimed at bones, obviously needs a good bone or two to be that uptight).

    Oh no aaa deee aaant =O!

  154. Danimal says:

    And just out of curiousity…

    Are you fat?

    Or sexually, physically or mentally abused?

    Or all of the above?

    You should try aids, that would give you something to cry about.

  155. bang says:

    Really creative, I was about to be hooked to your armpit! Can i use your armpi picture to section where i talk about weird pictures?

  156. lee says:

    Well Bang, they aren’t really my image to give permission to. These are all “found images”.

  157. Friedbeef says:

    Hilarious! Esp the flying stuff :)

  158. Robby says:

    I loved the envy hanging out in the hallways one

  159. Adolf H. says:

    I am highly offended! Jawoll!

  160. jazzy says:

    Extremely funny :)

  161. prolene says:

    gr8 stuff, i luv ittttt

  162. eli says:

    This is very funny. However, though none of the pictures offended me, I can see how someone can find them offensive. Not taking their side, I’m starting me own. WTF people? What is offensive here are the rude comments. True, freedom of speach. That is if you hail from a free country.And to the numb nuts who mentioned Communist China censoring things, wake up, go down to your local mortuary, and steal a brain to put in that empty head of yours. China censors yes. But the interenet? Good job. Very good job at making yourself look like an ass. All in all, very funny looking at the pics and seeing the dumb people. Sweet.

  163. suckadyakkk says:

    technically it is possible to sensor the internet in China. They would simply force individuals to only access the internet through specific servers and then control which sites they were allowed to access… kind of like on restrictive college campuses like Hampton University where free speech is severely limited and numerous internet sites are blocked.. just a thought…..

  164. harvey says:

    this was fantastic…very amusing

  165. eli says:

    true. it could do that. it may even. but china is communistic, not socialistic. censoring happens but its not as bad as the USSR was

  166. josh says:

    no bare tities ..what gives?

  167. Kimberly says:

    Domestic violence is never funny. That shit should never be joked about.

  168. Anon says:

    I found all of these hilarious. What i don’t find so funny is everyone having a go at all the people who are ‘offended’. If they are, so what? Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. There’s really no need to post things telling the ‘fat chicks’ who are supposedly offended to ‘stfu’. Honestly, no need, let people have their opinions.
    Great collection though.

  169. Danimal says:

    Yeh but at the same time mate, what gives the people who are offended the right to tell others what to and what not to find funny?

    Someone tells me I’M sick for laughing at fat domestically abused chicks…

    I call THEM a fat domestically abused chick. (Though I was never really laughing at domestic abuse in itself or fat women for that matter).

  170. Anon says:

    Danimal, i agree.
    All i was saying is whenever i stumble across one of these sites there’s always a torrent of abuse directed at a certain group of people. it takes the fun out of the site really. It’s only the internet, people should get along!

  171. allan says:


  172. Danimal says:

    WHARRGARBL indeed =D…

    i’m gonna try that out, see if a dog really makes a WHARRGARBL sound when you spray a hose in its mouth

  173. james says:

    ok, so im trying to sit in the library and quietly pass some time, then i see the BALD EAGLE & THE CAT on the deck bit & i just lost it for about 10 uncontrollable minuites, as if that wasnt enough it was followed by the chinese guy walking in (wall full of wepons next to him) on his wife & another dude. not fair dude! lol

  174. Nick says:

    I literally cried with laughter by the end.

  175. justus says:


  176. justus says:


  177. roni says:

    to the offended: stop! it’s a joke, and if u can’t take a joke than something is wrong not with your weight but with your sense of humor.

    regarding this post: it maid me laugh a very good laugh after stumbling some very boring pages… good work!!! :)

  178. Strange says:

    How is it possible that people haven’t already seen ALLLLLL these yet – they’ve been around for years!

    Here is an album of 400 more. Yes, 400.

  179. Keeeeks says:

    the popped collars look like a flower. a cool flower that is..

  180. uno mas says:

    f*ing hilarious…. the posters were funny too… saludos

  181. Rose ate one too many pigs says:


    And um, ‘john’, you fatty, how can you find the fat jokes offensive but think blasphemy is hilarious… What an idiot.

  182. Just Another Dude With an Opinion says:

    Hey everyone, just a few thoughts about this site, and the vast variety of what everyone so far had to say. I liked this page, and am on everyones side just about in all their opinions. I found most of these either clever, amusing, or shocking, in a funny way. I agree with those who stated it best “Everyone is offended by something, if we removed all that ever offended anyone, there pretty much wouldn’t be anything left.” As a matter of fact, my own addition to this thought is that it is impossible to remove everything that offends anyone, there simply cannot be that much removed, why, some people are offended by lack of free expression, so there you go. I think the only real solution to making sure that no one is offended, is to remove the only bad element :: People. If there were no more people around, nothing would be offensive to anyone anymore. I am sure the animals really don’t care. And we are a higher intelligence? I don’t think so. Some of my Favorites are :: Birth Control, Wharrgarbl, Blasphemy, Damn, Survival, and Stereotypes to name a few. Some that shocked me as NOT getting any comments on, considering various peoples personal offenseabilities <—(made that word up, lol) are :: Voyeurism, Homeboys, Creativity, Free Online Porn, Chances (Definitely not funny in real life), Individuality, and Fail. I found Fail interesting in that it received no comments, made me wonder, is it offensive to make fun of Fat adult white females, but it is considered acceptable humor to make fun of Fat juvenile Asian males? And some people commented on the Blasphemy being offensive (that one made me gasp, but was funny), yet no one seemed bothered by Free Online Porn, which is a Nun looking all horn-doggish on the net? Are those both not essentially both offensive? Seems that people are so quick to jump, they do not realize that they themselves are the same as all the rest of us, in that they have their own opinions which are DIFFERENT than everyone elses. Anyways, I think that all those who say people need to relax, and have a good laugh are correct, without laughter, life is too sad. Also I agree with the comment somewhere up there that touched on that almost all humor equates to a victim, like old slap-stick 3 stooges, whacking each other on the head or the banana peel and pie in the face jokes . . not funny if those things happened to you, but yet you laugh. And to finally wrap it up before I offend those who are offended by long-winded commenters, I will say, the one of all of them that upset me the most, was the poster “Unique” I disagreed that just because someone is different, like the bent fork, doesn’t mean that they are not useful, however, that’s MY issue, and the humor was still there for others.

    Peace to all, isn’t that what we all want?

  183. Norm says:

    The kids think I’m a fat retard now I was laughing so hard.. seriously is there some operation to remove your sense of humour because some of the “grossly offended folk” might wanna lighten up a tad :) from canada with love. lots of fat drunken love yea..

  184. Yef says:

    Well Rosa,

    it would also be great if you never spoke again. I’m guessing you’re that fat chick or some person without a sense of humor or friends. Take a joke bitch!

  185. USHLDNOBYNOW says:


  186. Yuway says:


  187. David says:

    Your shit is good. Change NOTHING!

  188. Danimal says:

    Just Another Dude With an Opinion…


  189. lada says:

    thats da best shit I seen for a long time. Offensive? why doesnt anyone think that WAR is offensive? That the United Fucking States just ‘offendes’ any country and kills theyr man and child.

    Offensive pictures?

    Think again

  190. theo says:

    so fucking funny! :)) keep up the good work!

  191. sarah says:

    whats wrong with fat people,they are human like us all,posh spice is aneroxic,her children never smile and now shes uprooting them again for more money,its africa should be hello headlines not her cos kids are anerxic over her and her diet.

  192. fatchick says:

    i am a big fat chick, 5’6″ and 278 lbs, and you know what? the fat pics were f*cking hilarious and i plan to share them with friends. why were they so funny? because they are TRUE.

  193. Sarah Jayne says:

    Whether the caption on domestic violence is intentionally morally outrageous or not (which, as someone has suggested, is what makes it ironic and humorous), I think there’s something quite chilling about the photograph as a whole that underlies the joke.
    I also don’t understand why defending an obese person’s right to peace and courtesy should be met with so many (noticeably male, it has to be added) derogatory remarks on that own person’s weight. How is that fair? Is it not possible that people of all body shapes can feel genuinely uneasy at the issue of exclusion and discrimination too?
    There’s a nasty atmosphere on this forum.
    If someone finds some these photos offensive, then we should respect that because it is tied to their moral values, in the same way that we should respect those don’t find them offensive because they see them only as a joke.
    It is when somebody verbally abuses another person because of whatever stance they take that I think people aren’t being fair.

  194. DrSiehl says:

    It’s all equally offensive and I love it. People need to lighten up and not take shit so seriously. I did save the YMCA Jesus picture to put on my website, that is the funniest shit by far. Thanks for the great line up!

  195. sergtat says:

    FUCK THE FLYING FAT CHICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  196. katt says:


  197. Eric says:

    Hey I just want to comment on everyone who is complaining about the offensiveness of these posters. Well as it has been said, welcome to the internet… But more so, welcome to the free world? This is nothing. How about you come to my COLLEGE CAMPUS and see what happens here?? How about radical christians speaking out against homos and sinners, tell you how you need to repent? Don’t like religious views pushed on you? Guess what, don’t listen, or LAUGH! That wasn’t even on the internet, that was on the campus of my university. Oh, and how about a pro-life group standing outside talking about the evils of abortion, and then having huge posters of ABORTED FETUSES, right outside the building you just ate in?! But guess what, that is their right, and if you don’t like it, leave or don’t pay attention. The internet is no different, and guess what!! It’s even easier, click your Stumble or Back button, and be done with it!! I would love to see you offended whiners walk through my campus on one of these wonderful days.
    So to everyone who is whining and complaining about how offensive this is, just shut the fuck up and hit that little X on the top right (PC Users) or maybe the Back button, or Home.


    oh dear….. i think i just shat bricks

    also, cocks!

  199. Chester says:

    You know what, these are funny as hell! I havent seen such a good website since i looked at a “fail” site. I don’t see why people are so offended. People can exercise and stop being fat and maybe they wouldn’t get made fun of. But if you don’t like this, leave. You don’t have to look at it. There are tons of other websites with worse things like beastiality or child porn. You are wasting your time being offended by this. So, I LOVE THIS SITE! If you don’t, SUCK IT.

  200. Rose says:

    HA HA that’s fucking hilarious

  201. DJ says:

    more more more!!!!

  202. […] Motivational Posters […]

  203. Str187 says:

    there are great =D

  204. Phil says:

    The flying sharks to flying kittens bit made me laugh so hard i cried.
    Amazing and great collection!

  205. moose says:

    great collectionbest I ever saw. If anyone things that some humor it offensive, get over it! the world needs a quick laugh now and then. Our society is getting way 0ver the top with being “politically correct”. Who said it is correct not me!

    thanks for the laughs.

  206. Nathan Alford says:

    The domestic violence one was the funniest. I love to punch a trick!

  207. Kat says:

    Déja vu!

  208. Kyle says:


    For all the retards who get offended by this, seriously, just move on.
    Its not like you can change it!!

    but that was hilarious great job

  209. Kore says:

    Seriously? Fuck All The Posers People have the right to be offended what right in the ten command ments or Law book says you can change the fact and opinon of other peoples thoughts 1 out of all these posters were funny rest were SHIT! you have to get a life you guys “Your territory???” id like you to say that in a all black neighborhood and come back with teeth and bones in place FUCK ALL YOU! And another Where the fuck does ponys and farts come in contact with internet?? thats were! omg….jusst shut up im nearly sick to my stomach towards the raw and immeturety on here! Get lives or ill cut ur internet for u

  210. Lee says:

    Thank you Kore for that eloquent analysis.

  211. John Williams - KrasH says:


    Well as the creator of one of the images (Unique), I can tell you all of the ones we have made are not meant to be anything other than poking fun and a reminder to stop taking yourself so seriously all the time.


  212. andy roo says:



    much enjoyed :)

  213. andy says:

    nice… i just went browsing on google for funny motovational posters (cause im a loser) and laughed my ass off at all of these. good work…..

    +1 karma points for you. (for pissing people off)

  214. Amy says:

    Hilarous of the flying tank

    i’m a fat girl but i loved the jokes fuck
    the people who don’t like them suck my fat boobs

    Koko Fresh Killa

  215. kent @ make people laugh says:

    Thanks for sharing these hilarious pictures. I really laughed out loud at truck with the words free candy on it.

  216. thebabbster says:

    Nice pics. To those who are offended, I suspect you are the kind of people who are offended a lot about life. Get past that. You’ll be much happier.

  217. joey says:


  218. charles says:

    I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m willing to go without burritos and I always was suspicious of those homeboys too.

  219. Cyn says:

    Well….as the creator and “Star” of “Domestic violence”….I can assure you that it is just as funny to me now, as it was when I made it.

  220. Jeremy says:

    I see a lot of comments about how offensive some of these are. I think you’re missing the point. So much talk about who you shouldn’t pick on and what shouldn’t be tolerated. I truly believe that we’re all equal, no matter our heritage, situation, lifestyle, etc. I also believe that as grown ups,most of us have a basic sense of right and wrong. All things considered, why limit comedy? Some of these were offensive to me as well, but I laughed because they were funny. Learn to take a hit without letting it get to you.

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