Garfield Minus Garfield Plus a Cat

You’d think that Garfield Minus Garfield would equal zero. But it doesn’t. (via)


And then there’s Garfield Replaced by a Cat (click to enlarge) (via)



  1. Stephen says:

    Haha, John really is crazy!

  2. xue says:

    is that your chinese name on the top?

  3. lee says:

    Almost! It’s my name in Japanese. Read more about it here!

  4. lilly lemon drop says:

    wow you names cool and john is super crazy!!!

  5. […] Garfield Minus Garfield Plus a Cat […]

  6. […] Garfield Minus Garfield Plus a Cat […]

  7. Andrew Loving says:

    there is definitely something wrong with realfield

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