Mutopia: The Flaming Lotus Girls Project for Burning Man 2008

Check out our art project, Mutopia.

Ripped from the page:

In 2008 we are creating Mutopia our latest collaborative project. It will celebrate the innovation and spirit of our community. Infusing form with greater dynamism and interactivity. Every participant brings new ideas to the work which manifest in fire and animation.


  • 13 Seedpods
  • 97’ x 60’ installation footprint
  • Made of cast aluminium, steel, copper, fire, and light
  • An interactive LED illumination system throughout installation


  • Ambient flame effects throughout the installation
  • 6 computer-and-participant controlled multi-directional propane poofers
  • 6 computer-and-participant controlled Promatic effects (propane pneumatics)
  • Liquid fuel canopy misters
  • 3 x 50 foot multi-dimensional liquid fuel fire effects erupting out of 3 central Seedpods
  • Sound wave driven propane flame effect
  • Sonar activated proximity sensors, giving Mutopia awareness
  • Steam seeping throughout installation
  • Proximity activated video nodes
  • Human activated movement controls, via hand cranks and levers

Mutopia is a participant controlled fire art installation. An individual can initiate sequenced patterns for the fire effects, LED lights and steam. Interactivity is multi-layered in the installation activated via custom buttons, sonar sensors, hand cranks and levers.

You are going to LOVE it!

My favorite part (thus far, nothing is built) is the “Liquid fuel canopy misters”. It’s not too different from a wonderfully dangerous effect I was playing with that I call Fire Fog. Rosa Anna and Mills’ idea is safer than mine but it’ll rock nonetheless!

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