The Top Ten Wackiest DVDs at

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The Top Ten Wackiest DVDs at

Top 10 Wackiest DVDs We Offer

Greetings, SmartFlix customers!

Check out the crazier side of SmartFlix…we’ve compiled a Top Ten list of the wackiest, most outrageous titles we offer for rent!

Along with great instruction, these selections offer high entertainment value to boot. You’re sure to have a few laughs as you learn when it comes to these DVDs – rent one today to try something new in 2008, and be sure to leave a review on the website afterwards!

The Top Ten Wackiest and Most Outrageous DVDs for Rent on

#10 – John Cleese: Wine for the Confused

If you’d like to learn more about wine, why not start with a hilarious guide from none other than this Monty Python alum? Our customers rated this a 5-out-of-5. Why not host your own wine party with a showing of this fantastic guide? What a good excuse to drink wine with friends and gain valuable knowledge in the process!

#9 – Sons of the Beach Sandcastling

Produced on the beautiful South Padre Island, this series of two levels of sandcastling instruction shows you tricks and tips you probably haven’t ever thought of. Are you lucky enough to be taking a vacation somewhere warm and sunny this winter? Rent these DVDs before you go, watch them with the kids, and be prepared to have everyone on the beach stopping to ask about the sand town you’ve expertly put together.

#8 – Beating Blackjack

This DVD will take you inside the mind of a M.I.T. team card counter as he gives you the secrets that made him and his team millions in Vegas. The viewer will learn basic strategy, counting and team play. Included free in the DVD case will be a Basic Strategy Chart, List of Rules and an Optimal Betting Guide.

#7 – Cosmic Yo-Yos

The Ultimate Trick Collection DVD is the most complete and professionally produced yo-yo instructional video ever. You get expert instruction, high-quality video, and loads of tricks to keep you busy for months! Watch any trick from multiple angles and in slow-motion. We even included an option to loop any trick (regular speed or slow motion) so that you can really study every nuance of any trick.

#6 – The Art of Card Manipulation

Learn the following tricks from renowned performer Jeff McBride up close and in great detail:

  • Thumb Fan and Closing a Fan
  • Pressure Fan
  • Charlier Cut
  • One Handed S Fan
  • Wink Change
  • Springing the Cards
  • Waterfall Shuffle
  • Cards from the Mouth
  • Riffle Palm
  • Blank Fan
  • Window Change
  • Ed Marlo Snap Change
  • Ken Brooke Single Production
  • Back Palm Productions
  • Pivot
  • LePaul Spread
  • Hip-Hop Pop-Out
  • Ribbon Spread and Turnover
  • Twin Peaks
  • D’Amico Multiple Shift
  • Roy Benson Move
  • Steve Beam’s Auto-Magic Aces
  • Goldston’s Card Flower.

#5 – How to Construct Mines

Fireworks professional John Werner shows you how to make mines using five different types of construction: lift-powder bag method, star-bag method, piston method, cup method, disk method, and the standalone tube method. At a seminar given to the Crackerjacks fireworks club in 1998, John demonstrates and then discusses the pros and cons of each method. Later he shows how the various types of construction affect the appearance of a series of mines being fired at night. Finally, he shows how to make fancy multi-effect and layered mines and shows how they look when fired.

#4 – Wilderness Survival Video Series

No knife. No matches. No food, sleeping bags or other gear. Join Thomas J. Elpel and 13 year-old daughter Felicia for this extraordinary primitive camping experience in southwest Montana. In the cottonwoods along the Jefferson River they demonstrate all the skills required to meet their basic needs, starting with nothing but their bare hands. Skills include:

  • Shelter: Grass sleeping bag on hot ground.
  • Fire: The cottonwood root bowdrill set.
  • Water: Boiling water in found bottles and cans for purification.
  • Edible Plants: Cattail Roots, stinging nettles, rose hips, burdock, mustard greens and milkweed shoots.
  • Fungi: The edible tree mushroom.
  • Meat: Porcupine–killing, skinning, butchering.
  • Cooking: Shishkebabs and hot rock stir-fry.
  • Tools: Discoidal stone knives and digging sticks.

#3 – Bake Your Own Wedding Cake

Have a wedding coming up and want to save big money on the cake? Planning on baking a wedding cake for a friend who is getting married? Do a lot of baking and you’re just plain curious about what the professionals do to produce those big beauties we all love and admire? Then you need to meet Joyce Sokolowski, local cake decorating guru and owner of Calories Plus Bakery in Merrillville, Indiana. Joyce has over 25 years experience making wedding cakes. She has worked for 5 different bakeries and has been making custom wedding cakes out of her own bakery for the past 7 years. Don’t confuse Joyce’s cake decorating with Martha Stewart’s and others. Cake decorating is all Joyce does, day in and day out. She has even produced birthday cakes for national celebrities appearing at a nearby venue in Merrillville.

#2 – How I Steal Cars

Pierre Smith has “LEGALLY” stolen over 1,000 cars in the past seven years. He demonstrates how easy it is to defeat factory car locks and security systems, and what you can do to stop your car from becoming another statistic. Ford, Chrysler, GM, Japanese and many other automobiles are covered in this enlightening, informative video.

And the number one wacky & outrageous DVD for rental at…

#1 – Scoop No More – Cat Toilet Training System

Every step of training is clearly demonstrated in this DVD. You’ll have all the information you need to toilet train your cat. Simple & easy methods demonstrates the training methods proven most effective and uses inexpensive items available at local stores. Cat Training Techniques includes cat motivation and behavior correction methods. Home set-up and preventative tips also help prevent training accidents. DVD Includes:

  • Training for new kittens and older cats
  • Training with multiple cats
  • How to train with one bathroom or multiple bathrooms
  • 10 tips for success
  • Inexpensive supplies you’ll need (flushable litter, litter container, etc.)
  • Proper bathroom setup
  • Training with positive reinforcement
  • Progressing at a pace your cat will like
  • Cat behavior and how to mold their behavior
  • Troubleshooting

That concludes our list, we hope you enjoyed it, but even more so, we hope you rent one of the titles above and love them as much as we did. A good laugh and some new skills never hurt anyone! Let us know what kind of Top Ten list you’d like to see next, and stay tuned! Happy renting from all of us at

– The Team

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