How to beat a speeding ticket in New Jersey: Part 2

I get so many comments from people about my first post about speeding tickets in New Jersey, I opened up this second post for comments. Note that everything you need to know is in my first post on the subject. You don’t need to read this second post.

That said, feel free to add your own comments. If you ask a question like the following, I will not answer it because those issues have already been covered in my first post:

I got a speeding ticket in xxx. I was going xx in a xx zone. I shouldn’t have gotten the ticket because xxx and xxx and xxx. How do I get out of the ticket? What should I do?

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  1. Free says:

    OK, I’m cracking up here. You beat one speeding ticket, and everyone on the whole Internet thinks you can advise them about every possible situation they have gotten into?

    You have my sympathies!

  2. WTL says:

    Is it time for you to write an ebook that you sell for $7.95 where you reveal the “gritty details” of how you got out of your speeding ticket? ;-)

  3. george says:

    While i worked for Perrotti Flooring. I got a speeding ticket
    my boss knew the cop & it was dropped it just really depends on who you know.

  4. Tank says:

    Anyone have any info on the Muni court or tickets based on photos in Trenton? (ie, hopeless, death, bring the heat?, not to bad ?)

    One additional piece of information regarding the road and NJ DMV
    law. If you get a ticket out of state, there is good likely you can
    plea bargain and request Drivers school and the ticket will never get to NJ DMV. These people are Nazi’s.

  5. Tank says:

    Ok, Nazi may be a little harsh but if you get mugged in the street, the mugger may only get 20 to 40 dollars. These people sit and
    bang you with a ticket and then suck the day lights out of your wallet. Who’s getting mugged now?

    The alternative is to do the posted 35, 45, 55, or 65, and let all the other “fast movers”, “enter the highway and move all the way to the inside lane while playing with the baby, putting makeup, reading the Wall Street Journal, watching tv, and doing everything else but driving”, driver run havoc on our highway. There is something wrong with this system.

    Thank God we have Al Gore’s internet and this web site.

    Now please excuse me while I go puke.
    get away with murder.

  6. Rich says:

    Be extremely careful on all Bergen County highways especially Route 17 because the Bergen County cops have nothing better to do than hide near the highway and ticket you for any minor infraction. They must have a quota because I see people pulled over by them every day on Route 17 and Route 4. They have a nice hiding spot by the Bendix Diner and bust people crossing the white line while entering the left turn lane on Route 17 North next to the Diner. Also, anyone with a NJ Legal issue should check out http://WWW.NEWJERSEYLEGALFORUMS.COM

  7. ani says:

    ok guys…another fish in the pond. I got a ticket last year for skipping a red light. – 2 points. and before I could revive. I got another ticket for speeding at 40 mph in 25 mph zone. – 4 points.
    But in the ticket 2 he wrote the wrong statue code.
    I’ve a court date for Feb 4th for both the tickets. Any advice is helpful.


  8. Shawn says:


    I’ve gotten a speeding ticket for going 40 mph in a 40 mph zone. The police officer lied and put down the zone for 25 mph. I have clear cut visual evidence that he is lying. I DON’T WANT TO PAY A SURCHARGE NOR PAY FOR A SPEEDING TICKET. What do I do? I wrote up a testimonal with references to pictures and maps to prove my innocence. If I get a lawyer, I’ll still end up paying [lawyer fees] for crime I didn’t commit. HELP!!

  9. Lee says:

    Sounds like you don’t need a lawyer but just to go to the judge and say, “See how on my ticket it says I was going 40mph on this street? See this photo of the street and the 40mph speed limit sign? Can I go home now?”

    Tell me how it goes!

  10. ani says:

    ok guys here’s the story, in case you havent read my posting above
    I got 2 tickets
    1 – Beating a red light – 2 Points
    2 – Speeding at 40 in 25mph. Even though the cop wrote the wrong statute code, it deosn’t mean a thing.
    I had to go to Middlesex Police Dept. Went there lil early like 5:15 although the court time was at 6:00 PM.waited for few. Entered prosecutors office.
    He said he’ll reduce my 4 pts –> 2pts offence
    & 2 pts —> 0 pts. He said it’s going to cost me $433.
    Went into court room and waited. Judge called me.
    Read out waht the prosecutor negotiated. But the charges he said were $588. I was mum and cund’t say a word before him.
    Paid the fine and came home by 7PM.

    one thing is the cop always tries to clock you 15+. This will give u min 4 pts. You shd ask for a seat belt violation ticket instead. Heard this works.

    Good luck
    – Ani

  11. Joe says:

    I got a ticket today for 50 in a 35. I am 17 and have had my license for around 8 months. I understand how to plea down but I’m just wondering if its different because I don’t have much experience. I’m sorry if you commented on this before i tried to read all the posts. Any help you give me is greatly appreciated.

  12. Zack says:

    Got a ticket on the GSP by a State Troopy. PACED me going “84 in a 65”. She was nice about it and wrote it as 79 in a 65. Yea, SHE was NICE. Happened in Eaglewood(?) and was wondering if anyone knew how good my odds are of talking to the prosecuter and simply saying I was not speeding and there was some traffic and she couldn’t have made that judgement call.

    Anyway, court date is set for march 11, and was wondering if anyone had any useful advice for me to get out of this, points free. I know I could plea it down to no points and pay the surcharge (4:29 or something… unsafe driving), but was curious about the fact that I was paced.

    Thanks for any help in advance.

  13. chris says:

    I just got a ticket in nj, 84 in a 65, on the nj turnpike. I read a lot of people write that an out of state ticket wont count for pa residents depending on the violation. Tell me if im wrong or right here that a my speeding ticket will not count against me as long as I pay it.

    3rd answer last paragraph it says “Although reported to PennDOT, minor traffic offenses such as speeding, red light, stop sign, etc., will (NOT) appear on your driving record, unless you are a CD L holder. Points will not be assessed to your PA driving record when convicted of a point related offense in a DLC member state.”


  14. Lee says:

    Try googling for “reciprocity speeding ticket”. A lot comes up. Tell us what you find. Good luck with the ticket.

  15. Bobby says:


    Haha these people ask the same questions a thousand times, i am in the same situation with a 42 in a 25 in coltsneck/lincroft and the cop gave me that roadside curtesy and wrote the speed on the ticket but put it as 4-98 which is a 2 point ticket, my question-which i read every post and didn’t see a clear answer- is in everything you have heard these people say, is the prosecuter going to look at it as a 2 point ticket so i can go to 0 or a 4 pt ticket and make me stay at 2? my court date is the 25th and will post the results.



  16. Cheri says:

    Thanks Lee for the information in your original post. I got a 4 point speeding ticket on a road I drive at least twice a day everyday. Really burnt me up. Anywho, I was just going to pay the ticket and deal with the many concequences of my actions, however I’m goin to try what you said in court on 3-5-08. Will let you know how it works out in the Tenafly municipal court. :)

  17. Alex says:

    Hey, I’m 18 and got a speeding ticket for a 45 in a 35. It was originally a 55 in a 35, but the officer was very nice about it (but is still on the ticket in the additional section). So it is a 2 point ticket. I’ve been reading about the surcharge and I’m wondering if it could work out for my situation? I got into an accident about 7 months ago and got 2 points, but went to traffic school and got them removed. I don’t mind paying the surcharge, but I’m going to a big city for college in 5 months and won’t be driving and won’t have insurance. So if the surcharge is that expensive, then what’s the point? Any ideas on how much the surcharge would be for 2 points? and what should I say to the prosecutor?

    -Any comments would help


  18. oz says:

    I got my first ticket, 45 on 25 zone on harrison street right when you make a left from faculty road near princeton, it was midnight and the cop was probably sleeping and I woke him up : ). My ticket also says
    39:4-98.24 (on the njmcdircet web site as well as on the ticket) which is 2 points but there is no 39.4 99 box on the ticket anyways so it is 4 points I think.

    Alex, you said you had two points and removed it by going to traffic school. Is that an option that was given to you at the court or you never went to court and went to the traffic school and they took care of taking down the points. Thanks everyone.

  19. davinchy says:

    Can anyone tell me what can be done/or possible end result to a
    5 point speeder (105 mph in a 65mph) a 5 point reckless driving & topped off with a 2 point improper lane change on the NJ (GSP)(by radar)in Ocean TWP court in 1 week
    If this matters 1ST time offense driving x20 years
    All I ask are for serious replies (no more lectures **please**)
    The trooper already cornholed me twice! thanks all in advance!

  20. Alex says:

    I never went to court, I just paid and found out that a defensive driving course was available. It was about a 4 hour class, no tests/quizzes. It cost me $70, but 2 points will be removed from your driving record. It saved me a lot of money with insurance

  21. davinchy says:

    I also forgot to add that the trooper had written 3 different address #s to each ticket he had the street name but the #s were different on each ticket! does this matter as far as court defense??????????
    also will going to defensive driving help when i go to court, I`ll have the cert. before court!
    Thanks again all
    fyi: this is continued from my 1ST post #20

  22. Katy says:


    I’m due in court in a few days in Hamilton, NJ for a speeding ticket issued a couple weeks before Christmas (Happy Holidays Statey!).

    The state cop said he clocked me at 80 in the 65MPH area of 195 (yes, i know 195 is crawling with cops and honestly thought i was 70 or 75 at the most). I’m not sure if he cut me a break though with what he wrote on my ticekt.

    He pointed out the one mile stretch of 55MPH before merging onto 295 (which is where he pulled me over as soon as i merged) and asked if i saw the sign which I said i didn’t but didn’t realize I was speeding. He ended up giving me a ticked for 75mph in a 55mph zone BUT checked off the 65mph zone box at the bottom of the ticket. Which is a better defense? Say I was going 75 in the 65 (doubled fines) or that i wasn’t speeding that much in the 55mph zone (which I know i slowed down at because there was a huge boat in front of me)? He also wrote that it was PACING, not radar which he originally told me he clocked me with.

    I have an already pleaded down ticked from 2 years ago for a bogus “failure to stay right” citation, and got the “unsafe motor vehicle” charge on my record with no points and gave lots of moolah for the courts. What do you think my best defense is when I talk to the prosecuter? I’m unsure if it will be thrown out with a simple clericle error and I hate lying. :-(

  23. oz says:

    Is there anyone here who tried to file for discovery .i.e. ask for various records related to the ticket and have his/her case dismissed because the police department did not provide these records?

    I also read that requesting this might make the prosecutor aggressive.

  24. Gaurav says:

    Hi Lee…I need your advice.
    I was driving slowly and passed a standing school bus on the opposite side of road with red blinkers on (I don’t think they were on when I was crossing but were blinking when I stopped). The Bus honked and I stopped (I stopped very close. My bumper was parallel to the bus bumper). A man came over after a while and said ” are u kidding me, I am cop and will send you a ticket via mail”. He saw my license called up someone and asked them to send me a ticket.

    I didn’t ask for his identity and he wasn’t on duty (was in civilian clothes). What do you think I should do if I get a ticket ( I am not sure if I will get one). The points are steep, 5 points. Should I contest it or take any lawyers help?

    Definitely kids were not getting down when I was crossing but they were down when this man was talking to me.

  25. Karen says:

    My daughter has had her license for approximately one year. She got a speeding ticket on 295 in Florence. Her ticket indicates she was doing 74 mph in a 65. I just went online to pay the ticket and the statute number that they have listed as her offense indicates exceeding by 25-29 mph. I understand that I do need to get that straight. But my question is, is she better off to pay the surcharge or pay the ticket and have her go to a defensive driving course to have the points removed? Thanks.

  26. Lee says:

    Karen, in NJ (if I remember correctly, I moved a couple years ago), you start with something like 9 “points” and your insurance rates go up or down from there. So what you should do is pay the surcharge AND take a driving class.

  27. Francess says:

    I got pulled over at NJ Garden State Parkway(Ocean County) doing 80mph. But the cop gave me a ticket doing 64mph on a 55mph. I’m just wondering if Im going to plead not guilty and go to trial will the cop tell the court that I was doing 80 mph originally? Did he gave me 64mph because thats when he clocked me on his speedometer? or he’s just being nice. I currently have 4 points on my license and I wouldn’t want another 2 points. Maybe i should just plea bargain.

  28. Althia says:

    Okay I’m going crazy here!

    Last month I received a ticket in Newark NJ. I don’t even know the name of the street.(I’m not from NJ, I’m from PA.) It’s the street where Penn Station is and where the PSEG building is also. Anyway I was driving with a friend she was directing me on how to get back to I-280. Anway A cop pulled me over and told me I was doing 44 mph on a 25 mph zone. I wasn’t speeding. Anyway the ticket is for $105.00. it’s 4 points on my DL for the offense. What should I do? I really wasn’t speeding! I don’t think I should plea guilty either.

  29. PB says:

    Lee and others,

    I urgently need some info. I have clean driving records for past 10 years and we have never dealt with any traffic ticket ever in the family. I read your entire partI and II, but still have a very different question.

    Last week, I got a traffic ticket for making a left turn to enter a plaza in middlesex county, NJ. I can tell you the full story, if anyone is interested, but I beleive I did not violated any traffic law. The officer told me I should have entered from backside, but without a sign telling that, a first time goer cannot even figure out the presence of an alternate entrance. Anyway, I was so sick (in fact I was on my way back from Dr.’s office and took the day off from work), that I didn’t have strength to argue. May be the officer himself felt that I really didn’t do anything wrong, so he explained that since “I already issued a ticket and cannot take it back, but made it a borough offense so that you will not get 3 points if it were a NJ-state moving violation. Just pay the fee”. After few days, when I started feeling little better, I called MVC of NJ to verify the facts about borough offense. They said they are not aware and that I will get 3 points, no matter if the cop made it a borough offense or what so ever.

    NOW, please tell me who can confirm if the police officer was telling the correct/true thing or the MVC person ver the phone? I want least hassle, but if it was for points, I will go to the court and plea not guilty…..but anyone has lost a pleading not guilty case?? Of course I am not a law person….and do not wish to hire a lawyer for defending something, I didn’t do.


  30. Tank says:

    Are there points associated with the ticket for using a cell phone
    while operationg a MV?

  31. Shan says:

    Hello Everyone
    I just got my first ever ticket for speeding, doing 95mph in a 65mph on the NJ Turnpike. I was honestly not going 95mph, I admit I was speeding but I was doing like 80-85mph The officer got me by pace he didn’t catch me with radar. And a 95 in a 65 is 5 points on your liscense. Is there anyway that I can get that 5 point knocked down to 0 points? Do I need a lawyer? I know Lee discussed his 4 point knocked down to 0 points but what about 5 points can they be knocked out? Do I need to plea “guilty” or “not guilty”? Please help me out.

  32. Nick says:

    Recently received statute 39:4-98.19 by the wonderful Bergen County Police Department on route 17 south. Does anyone have any experience with fighting tickets from this department? If so any suggestions in going forth with my argument?

    Just a background this would be my first ever point-bearing ticket I have received in my short life. Any advice would be great.

  33. Lee says:

    I suggest you read this post and the post that preceded it, comments included.

  34. Paul says:

    I would like raise as a warning what I experienced and saw in Bridgewater, Middlesex on route 28.

    This is a 35mph road but pretty close in, I think difficult to speed in any circumstance. There at the tightest point of the road were two cops drag-netting cars in both directions. The one facing my direction had just released a car and taken position to resume watching oncoming traffic. I happened to be the next car in his vision. Sensing what might happen I check my speed, 30mph, no other possible traffic issue. Regardless, he pulls behind me and begins stalking, flash of light and I’m over. Brake light out, and delayed vehicle inspection – about 3 months.

    Please note, while I’m sitting there waiting for him to run his checks, I watch the cop facing the other direction pull over 3! cars, just as fast as possible.

    Now, breaking the law, yes that’s bad, but bear in mind, I’ve had one traffic violation in 10 years, and never a speeding ticket. Hardly a habitual offender, does middlesex cop give out a warning to get the issues fixed, nope, gives the highest possible fine. Also, something he said seemed weird at the time, that “You don’t need to go to court for this” It was like unnaturally emphasized.

    Question, is this just Middlesex? Do they overly use ticket revenue to support local government?

    But today I saw quite a lot of people getting pulled over, more than usual, maybe I was hyper-sensitive after my experience but the observation was also made in the morning before my run-in. Could it be possible that a ticket blitz in going on again?

  35. Justin says:

    Lee, great job – both your blogs are very informative. I would like to share my experience. I got 4 points for speeding on slow sunday morning on Route 21 passing through Newark. I was travelling 77 in 55mph. I apologized to the officer and he was kind enough to give me only a 4 pointer(15-19 mph over) instead of a 5. As everyone suggested on the blog I took a court date. In the courtroom I spoke to the prosecuter who gave me 2 options upfront : A) Plead guilty & reduce points from 4 to 2 (1-9 mph over) and 105$ (ticket)+35$(fees)=$139 or B) 450$ (inclusive of surcharge) and I plead guilty to “unsafe operation of motor vehicle” without points(but will show up on my record). I decided to take A) ie 2 points and $139. Plan to waste 4 hrs on a beautiful saturday afternoon in a defensive driving course and get the remaining 2 points removed before my insurance is renewed later this year. New Jersey police has gone wild, handing out tickets like candy on haloween so drive however you want not get caught. Cheers

  36. davinchy says:

    From #20
    My out come was a near suspension of driving for 30 days!
    Got off super lucky!
    My 1ST offense in over 18 years of driving & one mistake
    they could careless!
    Plead guilty to a 4 point speeding violation & $339 fine
    The attorney I used was really great!
    Not bad from originally facing 11 points!
    To comment to Justin & anyone else in a similar
    situation as ours!
    Attending a driving course before going to court is what probably saved me from getting my license suspended & you get to learn alot of what the politicians don`t want you to know!
    FYI: Also beware of the GSP exits 100>>>down to the 30s the speed limit goes from 65-55 the troopers are everywhere so PLEASE beware & careful.
    Trust me keep to your posted speed limits it`s not worth the
    extra 5 mins. saved!
    Just leave 5 min. earlier & slow down!
    **DO attend a driver`s ed class it`s the best $70 I have spent!
    I`ve had an expensive lesson well learned!
    Best of luck to all & be careful on those roads!

  37. davinchy says:

    Also #21 thanks Alex!

  38. Sally says:

    Does anyone have a clear understanding of the statute numbers? I was just pulled over for the first time in 7 years of driving. The cop wrote statute # 39-4-98 on my ticket. According to everything I have looked up online that is only a 2 point ticket. However, I was going 95 (supposedly) in a 65 and the cost of my ticket is very high.(btw I was aggressively tale-gated and passed on the right by another vehicle right before I was pulled over, which is the reason I reached such a high speed) I am wondering and hoping that I was given a break with the points. I am going to court this week. Any of you who have had to pay for similar tickets and remember the statute # or any other helpful advice about what I should do/say/get a lawyer I would really appreciated it. Thanks.

  39. Tank says:

    The lesson here boils down to one very simple fact. “Slow down” and we won’t find our selves looking for the quick fixes that may work in one area but not in another. When it’s that time of the month,
    and they have their docket to fill, don’t kid yourself, they will fill it. Don’t worry about what the other guy is doing or not doing, woryy about what you’re doing.

    Lee, Unless the judge just won the lottery or his significant other has let them back in the bedroom, you can forget the surcharge approach. Trenton watches for this, and takes a harsh stand to it.
    This was explained to me by a judge.

  40. Bill says:

    I am so glad to have stumbled upon this blog! Anyways, I got my first ticket(s) a couple nights ago (52 in a 40 and improper passing; 6 pts total). My court date is in a few weeks so I’ll post here when that time comes. I just had a quick question: Am I able to take the defensive driving course now or should i wait a little while for the points to get in the system? I would hate to take the course and not have it remove any points off my DL. Thanks!

  41. Mickey says:

    I was pulled over back in February on the White Horse Pike just outside of Atlantic City in Galloway Township. It was like a scene out of an old movie with the cop hiding behind a billboard. I was passing a slower car on the right and caught him out of the corner of my eye just as I was accelerating to get back into the right lane. Of course he pulled out and I knew I was toast at that point. He wrote me up for doing 66 in a 50 zone, but checked the two point box.

    Roadside reduction you say? Nope, the ticket went through “data entry” and came out as a 4 pointer. The 30 or so letters I received from lawyers over the next week stated that fact over and over again, usually in bold type, “YOU’VE BEEN CHARGED WITH A 4 POINT VIOLATION”. I think if I added up all the postage used to send me the letters, I could have covered half the fine.

    I called the court and pleaded not guilty. I just wanted the points to go away, my insurance is renewing in June and having worked for insurance companies over the past 30 years, I know that the renewal review, which includes the DMV report, will happen in the next few weeks. My last ticket was 4 years ago in Virginia and those 2 has just rolled off. The Galloway court clerk was a very nice lady and she scheduled my court date for a time with no lawyers scheduled. From a previous experience years ago in Matawan and one recently with my daughter, courts will hear all the cases with lawyers first to help keep the clients fees down to a minimum. If you’re there on lawyer day without a lawyer, bring a good book.

    I showed up about 20 minutes before the scheduled time and was about 8th in line to get in to court. When they let us in, all of us who wanted to see the prosecutor were lined on the right side of the room and he spent about a minute with each person. When my turn came up, I mentioned the fact that the 2 point box was checked, but he said that didn’t mean anything, it was the speed he wrote down that determined the fine. His only plea offer was to take it down to 2 points. No offer of the zero point “unsafe operation” option. So I asked him about it, he stares at me for a few seconds, then he asks if I’ve every taken this option before in in the past five years. I said no, and he wrote it up on the slip, had me sign, and then said “good luck with the judge”.

    By this time there are about 100 people in the courtroom and the line to see the prosecutor is winding around the room. So do get their early if you don’t want to spend an entire day in court. Also, I showed up wearing decent clothes, nice pants and a polo shirt. However the other 98% of the people in court look like they just got dressed outside of the Goodwill reject pile.

    Maybe it was coincidence, but after court started and they heard 3 cases via closed circuit TV from the jail, and just as I’m settling in with my book, my name is called. First on the docket. The judge agreed to the plea, I said yes a couple of times, and was sent on my way to the payment window, about 1/2 hour after I got to court. The fine was $439, no points. The only other two decently dressed guys there were called next and joined me at the payment window.

    Moral of the story. They use the speed written down on the ticket for your violation. If the cop is going to cut you a break, he’ll write down a lower speed. Those lawyer letters you get will have the voilation code that was entered into the system. Forget the lawyer, you can plea just as well as they can. If they don’t offer the zero points, ask for it. Worse the prosecutor can say is no. And dress nice and smile, it can only help your case.

  42. Tina says:

    Like many others, so glad to have found this forum. I got a speeding ticket yesterday in Paramus, NJ on Oradell Avenue by where cars are getting onto the Garden State Parkway, and cars are merging in from the GSP. I switched into the left lane to avoid all the cars merging on and off and subsequently got a ticket for going 50 in what was apparently a school zone (he clocked me about 100 yards before the school). I was told by the cop that since I have a clean driving record I should plead not guilty.
    I’m just curious about other people’s experiences in court—is it in a court room where you have to swear in and such? Do they ask you a million questions before deciding, or is it more of a negotiation? I just want to be prepared as possible. My court date is 5/5 but will probably change since I am pleading not guilty.

    Last question-if new court date conflicts with an already paid and planned vacation, is it something that can be changed to a later date?

    Many thanks for your input!

  43. Won says:

    Going to court in a few hours for speeding, going 46 on 25mph zone in ridgewood. I feel more prepared after reading the post n the comments, thank you!

  44. Hung Pham says:

    I had a speeding ticket for going 55 on a 45MPH at Cherry Hill, NJ On Kings HW. The stupid part about this was the police car was in front of me while i was going 55. Apparently, he pulled over real fast and let me get in front and then follow me for about a block. When he stop me he said that he saw me coming in fast with his rear mirror and believed i was going around 55mph. He told me himself that he did not use any speed tracking device. Anyways, what I’m trying to ask is how should I handle this situation. Are my chances of pleading not guilty high? By the way, I’m not from NJ, I’m from PA.

  45. davinchy says:

    Sounds like the officer gave you the violation by what they call (pacing) using his/her speed. ex. the were doing 45 mph & you are way ahead of them that`s how you were ticketed. It`s more of an estimated guess of how fast you were speeding not the most reliable way to get a conviction. If you have had any prior speeding tickets then it could be a problem! If not at least plea bargain with the prosecutor for no points & pay a fine! Help support the Jersey deficit! (LOL)
    Good Luck #45

  46. Albert says:

    I got 2 traffic violations today. This is my 1st time being pulled over in nearly 5 or 6 yrs. Officer pulled me over saying I was speeding, doing 84 in a 65. I was sort of in a little rush since i was running late for a friendly tennis game. We had our little conversation and then he told me to wait while he did his thing. He came back with what I thought was my 1 speeding ticket, but said he was giving me two tickets. One for speeding and a 2nd for tailgating (i was to my knowledge at a safe distance from the vehicles in front of me, if i were tailgating at 84 then all the cars in front of me where speeding as well). Thank you NJ state police 9 points right there. Anyone have an experience like this? Does anyone know if I can get my speeding ticket (4point) reduced to a 2 pointer and my tailgating ticket (5point) reduced to a 0 pointer unsafe operations option, and walk out w/ 2 points and some fees and surcharges? and take a defensive driving course to whip it clean? i will also have to reschedule my court date, as i will be in California.

    -thx for the blog and all the replies and help everyone.

  47. lisa says:

    i just got pulled over in Lumberton NJ by a Pemberton cop he said i was doing 71 in a 40 in pemberton, i was trying to get home in pa to vote but what can i expect and what can i do?

  48. Lee says:

    You can expect to pay a lot of money and possibly learn how to drive slower.

    If you had read the post and 40-something comments before commenting, you might have saved yourself some time and money.

  49. lisa says:

    will i need a lawyer?

  50. Lee says:

    lisa, yes, most definitely. I recommend the law firm of Wolfram and Hart. Look them up online.

  51. PJC says:

    I got a ticket in East Rutherford by a 2 month old rookie on the force. He didn’t accept my PBA Courtesy Card – so any officers reading this – don’t accept East Rutherford’s cards as they won’t accept yours. I suppose I’ll go to court and see what can be done. it was 16 over the limit. Last ticket was 2 years ago on the delaware memorial bridge (thats 50 MPH, FYI!). Thats it for the past 10 years. Bummer.

  52. Koh says:

    Just to be clear, Lee…

    Does your method require a lawyer?

  53. Lee says:

    Yes, as I mentioned. Two. Wolfram and Hart. Look them up. They’re killer in front of a judge.

  54. Randy says:

    Note from Lee: I redacted the advertising that Randy put in his comment
    The question is were you advise by the traffic officer that your ticket was a criminal speeding ticket. It varies from state to state but here in washington that would be considered criminal and on a whole other playing field. If you were written a criminal speeding ticket and you are convicted you can expect 1)costly points on your driving record(remember to many of these, again the amount from state to state varies so you will need to check with you state can cause you to perminately loose your license 2) Expensive insurance premium increases that can often last for up to 3 years after the fact. 3) If it is criminal you can face both of the above in combination to jail time. If you are looking for information on how to beat a speeding ticket you may visit [REDACTED] as they have two of the top ambush attack methods available for self defense. Also, as the others suggested you may consider consulting with a lawyer as they will offer you a free consultation many times and discuss specifics of you traffic case but often times can be obtained for anywhere from $50-200, including court costs and the best part of using a lawyer many times you don’t even have to go to court. I wish you the best. And hey….SLOW DOWN :)

  55. Robert Jenkins says:

    hi, i just got pulled over in NJ near newark for doing 81 on a 55, when i got pulled over my odometer read 62. this is my first ticket and i am from NC.

    What are my best options?
    I will be driving from NC to go to the court.

    Is the “prosecutor” going to be the actual COP who pulled me over? also if the police does not show up in court, will my ticket be dismissed?

  56. Lee says:

    I have closed comments on this post.

    To find out -exactly- what you should do, read my post.

    ALL of your questions have been already answered. If you took the time to find my post but refuse to take the time to actually read the answer, you deserve what you get.

    Have a wonderful day,

  57. LunkerLanding says:

    Thank you, Lee, for helping assuage my fears about this out-of-state ticket that I’m facing. I’ve never had a ticket, didn’t realize that my time for negotiation passed the moment the state policeman took my license back to his patrol car, and am a impoverished full-time student and employee. I have decided to fight. If I’m confident enough–I’ll do so without a lawyer. Your blog has helped get me partway there. Here’s another one that is helping, too:

    If you have more advice for someone charged (through stationary radar) going 18 miles over the posted 65mph speed limit–please send it my way.

    Meanwhile–thanks, Lee, for building community and wearing such a cool hat!

  58. lee says:

    I have opened a new post: How to beat a speeding ticket in New Jersey: Part 3 that you may want to leave comments in.

    If this information saves you $500 or more, I would appreciate a $5 donation. Don’t send me anything until AFTER you have been to the courthouse and saved money! Here is a Paypal donation link: