Emo Philips playing in NYC and then Boston

I’m on the Emo mailing list (not to be confused with the EMO mailing list) and he writes that he’s playing in NYC January 18th and 19th. He’ll be in Boston in May. No date announced yet. You should go. He’s really funny.

Here’s the whole email

Dear Emo-Philiac,

I am ecstatic to announce that, after an absence of several years, not only will I be returning to New York City, but that I will be performing at the ritziest, newest, most super-cool-happeningest Manhattan comedy club of them all, COMIX.

Location: 353 West 14th Street, just east of 9th Avenue (how hip is that?!)

Dates: Friday and Saturday, January 18 and 19, 2008.

Show times: 8:30pm and 10:45 each night.

Which show will be the funniest: Impossible to know at this point.

Reservations: (212) 524-2500.

Ticket prices: Advance $22, day-of-show $27. ($5 New York City spontaneity tax.)

I have only one other gig scheduled on the entire eastern seaboard, and that one will not be until May and will be all the way up north in Boston… so if you can possibly make one of these four shows, please please please try to do so.

Thank you so much!

Your Happy Slave to Mirth-Purveying,


PS if you do come to one of my shows, please say hello afterwards (I will try to get the security guard drunk to make it easier for you to sneak past him.)

PPS If you tell two friends about my upcoming weekend at Comix, and they each in turn tell two friends, and they each in turn tell two friends, soon the message will get all mangled into “Carrot Top is running for Governor” or something… so it is probaby belst to keep this whole thing to yourself.

Please do not reply. The address from which this e-mail emanated is unmonitored. You might as well write to a blender. Yet despair not! For you can contact me:
1) electrically, via MySpace (http://myspace.com/emophilips), or
2) postally, at Emo Philips, PO Box 10130, Glendale, CA 91209, or
3) fleshily, by waiting for me in the alley after one of my shows.

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