Good Inexpensive Long Distance Telephone Service

Since 2006 I’ve been using one of those “little” long distance phone companies that you’ve never heard of. I’m very happy with it and can recommend them to you.

They charge 2.5 cents per minute day or night. I haven’t noticed a single problem with them… No dropped called, no fast-busy signals, no poor line quality, no hidden fees, no membership charges. They are just great.

My long distance telephone bill went from $15-20 per month to $4-7 per month.

You should sign up for this long distance telephone service.

I’d appreciate it if, when you try them, you tell them I sent you. I get something like 5% of whatever your phone bill is. Here is how to sign up:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Order Now” under “ECG Long Distance”
  3. Enter your info. Please enter my phone number as a referral. It’s 415 – eight two one – 3321.

Their in-state toll rate depends on what state you live in. Look on their website for your state. Some states are inexpensive ( California is 3.9 cents/min) and some are more expensive (Idaho is 14.2 cents/min). I don’t know what competing rates are like in your area so look out for it.


  1. Frank Nienburg says:

    Sounds good, gonna try it!

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