AT&T Wireless Refer-A-Friend Program

Update 10-13-08:  Don’t use the following instructions.  AT&T has changed their program.  Instead follow this link and use these instructions.


If you are signing up for AT&T Wireless, you can get a $25 gift card directly from AT&T by signing up for the Refer-A-Friend program. $25 free money.

Here’s what you should do:

  1. Get AT&T wireless service. Sign up for a phone plan that costs at least $39.99   per month.
  2. Go to this web site and click “Register”:
  3. click on “My Friend is an AT&T customer and referred me”. Make sure to enter my phone number: 415..eight two one..3321.
  4. Complete the rest of the registration.

That’s it! AT&T will send each of us a $25 gift card in about 3 months

This AT&T referral program is just like getting at $25 discount on your first wireless bill. The coupon comes in the form of a credit card / gift card that you can use to pay your AT&T telephone bill or at AT&T company owned stores


  1. Sal marino says:

    first of all i was told I would receive a $50.00 credit when I got my phone in June (217-495-1072). Never received. Also I made a referral (217-799-5066 and have not received the $$ for the referal.
    Please advise.
    Sal Marino

  2. questionable says:

    are you sure this guy is honest?

  3. lee says:

    Sal, I just searched through all my emails and neither your phone number or email address come up. Also, I checked the AT&T website and I didn’t get any referrals around the time you specified.

    I don’t recall our previous conversation. Can you find any of the old emails?

    And hmmm, it looks like AT&T has changed how we are supposed to register for this referral bonus. I’ll write up new referral instructions and we’ll try this again.

    Hmm, maybe you signed up for my “AT&T Referral Code” and not the “AT&T Wireless Refer-A-Friend Program“. I’ll look into that.

    And to address “questionable”‘s comment, yes, I’m honest.

    Sal, you are welcome to email me directly at Lee at Lee dat org or we can keep discussing this in public on this website.

  4. lee says:

    Sal, I checked the AT&T Referral Code offer and I didn’t get any referrals from that program in June or July. Can you give me some more details about your signup? Please tell me:
    * When
    * Who’s name the phone service was under (I only need the first name and last initial)
    * The exact type of services signed up for.

  5. Salvatore Marino says:

    When was 5/28/08.
    Salvatore Marino for your info home phone is 217-446-0060.
    Service- Nation 450 ROLL UNL M2M 5K N&W.


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