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The two members of Lulacruza are in residency at the Red Poppy Art House for the fall. They are having a myriad of musical workshops and whatnot. I’ll be at at least one and Charlotte another. Find out about the workshops, open laboratory, film screenings on Lulacruza’s Residency site.

What I’ll likely be attending:

Nov 6, 13, 20, 27
Mirroring Nature with Music: Sound Composition using Ableton Live

This 4-week workshop will use loop-based software music sequencer “Ableton Live” to understand the connection of nature and music. We will learn a series of audio manipulation techniques to create sonic landscapes. We will start with acoustic sound and learn ways in which electronic processing can be used to expand, change, and re-create sound. We will listen to and process field recordings to explore the places they are able to evoke. We will be introduced to computer-generated rhythmic and textural material to broaden our sound world. We will explore and discuss naturally occurring acoustic phenomena and its applications in music. We will listen to bird songs, listen to music, and read about nature & technology.

Participants will gain basic knowledge of “Ableton Live”, as well as expand their concepts of sound, music, space, place, silence and nature. Bring some sonic material to create your own personal sonic landscape. All levels welcome.

Instructed by: Luis Maurette
Cost: $80 / 4 classes ($20 each)
Nov 6, 13, 20, 27
Class size limited to 10 students.
Length: 2 hours


 What Charlotte will likely be attending:

Oct 3, 10, 17, 24
Joyful singing: A Voice Workshop for the whole body

This 4-week singing workshop will work with breathing and singing exercises to free and strengthen the voice. By grounding ourselves and connecting to the whole body, we will explore the vocal timbre and range, undo hindering vocal habits, and develop a loving non-judgmental singing practice.

Based on the practices of yoga and tai-chi, we will experience mind/body awareness and breath control techniques. We will also discuss the body mechanics of voice production and learn tools for a more aligned posture and present mind. Participants will work with toning and visualization to expand the resonance, color, and flexibility of each individual voice. We will use “sound showers”, collective improvisations and other fun tools to cultivate self-confidence, free the voice and rediscover the joy of singing. Ultimately, we will deepen our connection to ourselves and our community through sounding.

Beginners, amateurs and professional singers are equally welcome.

Instructed by: Alejandra Ortiz
Cost: $100 / 4 classes ($25 each)
Oct 3, 10, 17, 24
Class size limited to 6 students.
Length: 2 hours

Check out all their programs in San Francisco.

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