Don’t wheat-paste my city

 I emailed the following to today:

I spoke with a volunteer today at about 23rd and Valencia in SF wheat-pasting flyers for the October 27th Fin del la guerra ahora march.

He had wheat-pasted 22″x17″ fliers onto a garbage can and other items. Please do not have your volunteers use wheat-paste on public property for events; wheat-pasted flyers remain up long after the event is forgotten. As the posters degrade over the course of a few years, they make our beautiful city look ugly.

Use tape, use staples, use nails, post on billboards, post where billboards are welcome, post in laundromats, post in community centers. Do not wheat-paste my city.

The volunteer told me in response to my critisism, “the city has a program to take down flyers like these.” No, it is not the city’s responsibility to remove your garbage. It is -your- responsibility. Take responsibility.

San Francisco -does- have a program to deal with graffiti. Call 311. First time, offenders are usually reprimanded. After further offenses fines are levied.

I have no problem at all with the march. I’ve marched in events myself. I have a problem with how you are promoting it.

If your volunteers committed to removing the posters after the event, you would gain much local support.

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