Off to Burning Man

I’ll be on my way to Burning Man on August 22nd or 23rd. I’ll be in the desert on August 23rd or 24th.   I’ll be leaving on Monday Sept 3rd or Tuesday the 4th.   Back in San Francisco by the 5th for sure.

If you need to reach me in a dire emergency, you should send an email to:

It will probably take hours for the message to reach me.

To get the message to me, they will need to know where I’m staying. Tell them I am with the “Swarm” art project and those folks can probably find me. The people at “Illumination Village” also know me. I’m camping in “Low Key Peep Flambe Camp”, an unregistered camp. It has 2 3′ tall peeps in front of it and the address is probably on Coral Reef somewhere between 4 o’clock and 5:30.

Yeah, it probably all sounds like gibberish to you. But that’s where I’m staying. And loving it (if only I could get some sleep before going to the playa. I’ve been out til midnight every night welding and making battery packs and helping and managing others… managing is no fun and keeping the books. Sleep when you’re dead, right?)

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