New Sensory Organs

I want new sensory organs for my birthday (via).

For six weird weeks in the fall of 2004, Udo Wächter had an unerring sense of direction. Every morning after he got out of the shower, Wächter, a sysadmin at the University of Osnabrück in Germany, put on a wide beige belt lined with 13 vibrating pads — the same weight-and-gear modules that make a cell phone judder. On the outside of the belt were a power supply and a sensor that detected Earth’s magnetic field. Whichever buzzer was pointing north would go off. Constantly.

“It was slightly strange at first,” Wächter says, “though on the bike, it was great.” He started to become more aware of the peregrinations he had to make while trying to reach a destination. “I finally understood just how much roads actually wind,” he says. Deep into the experiment, Wächter says, “I suddenly realized that my perception had shifted. I had some kind of internal map of the city in my head. I could always find my way home. Eventually, I felt I couldn’t get lost, even in a completely new place.”

On a visit to Hamburg, about 100 miles away, he noticed that he was conscious of the direction of his hometown. Wächter felt the vibration in his dreams, moving around his waist, just like when he was awake. […]

When the original feelSpace experiment ended, Wächter, the sysadmin who started dreaming in north, says he felt lost; like the people wearing the weird goggles in those Austrian experiments, his brain had remapped in expectation of the new input. “Sometimes I would even get a phantom buzzing.” He bought himself a GPS unit, which today he glances at obsessively. One woman was so dizzy and disoriented for her first two post-feelSpace days that her colleagues wanted to send her home from work. “My living space shrank quickly,” says König. “The world appeared smaller and more chaotic.”

Some brainstorming should be able to come up with other new senses for people… yes?

magnetic compass – as seen above :-)

X-Ray vision – If you can’t turn it off, you’d have to be careful not to walk into walls. And giving all your friends radiation sickness isn’t cool.

Thermal imaging


eyes in the back of your head

What else?


  1. TJIC says:

    eyes in the back of your head

    What else?

    Eyes in the back of someone else‘s head,…

  2. Derek says:

    Instead of having an internal (external?) compass, you could have an internal dowsing rod. You’d always know where to find the nearest source of water. Super useful for those extended desert hikes!

    And of course, the spidey-sense!

  3. Lee says:

    How about Magno-vision? (via)

    These data were recorded by Hinode’s spectro-polarimeter, a device which can sense magnetic fields by analyzing the polarization of light coming from iron ions in the sun’s atmosphere

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