Been Dancing

This week is Bay Area Dance Week. Lots of free dancing.

Charlotte and I went contra dancing Saturday (my muscles are still gloriously sore)

(Saturday morning I went to the yearly SF NERT drill)

Intimate Embrace Tango Sunday

Temple of Poi spinning instruction Monday night (I loved it… very centering… with the possibility of dangerous fire after I get good enough :-)

And darn it, we missed the Bohemian Carnival   at DNA Lounge. Lost Vegas was postponed due to rain. Missed Nerd Pride night at Instructables (Charlotte has never seen Real Genius! A horror that will soon be remedied)

And I’ve been spending time on SWARM! The SWARM wiki will soon be publicly available.


  1. Christy says:

    There will be more Nerd Pride Movie Nights- never fear! Next up: Ghostbusters. (Drop me a note if you’re not already on the mailing list.)


  2. Lee says:

    Thanks. I’m on the list! You Instructables rock!

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