Brain and Brain! What is Brain?!

“Brain and Brain! What is Brain?!”

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  1. Rick L says:

    Man find woman who may have remote control (brain)
    Man ask woman about brain (remote control)
    Woman become engraged, throw man on ground with loud sound
    Man wonder why this happen
    Cannot man learn?

  2. Slamer says:

    Keep your gear ratios high like 30-1 for the main drive motors that has at least 750 watts of power and your current draw the oppisite (LOW). Arrange your ballest and drive train towards the bottom of your bot. Keep your com links towards the low side of fast. Seperate you logic and drive system power sources. Brain? What is Brain? Building strong to keep the real problems simple. Build strong for best results.

  3. Lee says:

    I love having weird friends! I honestly and truly do!

    (and to you random web-surfers, their comments aren’t nearly as random as you think… heck, they’re useful. which raises the weirdness quotient to the eth power)

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