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Sanchez Art Center FLG Show

Sanchez Art Center Arts on FireCharlotte, Karen, Aerin, Marlise, Baba, Jess and I took 2 feathers from the pieces of the Angel of the Apocalypse to the opening of “Arts on Fire”, a show at the Sanchez Art Center in Pacifica.

We had a blast. It was a kid-friendly event and the Angel proved to be very kid friendly. As we were getting ready, the kids lined up, gazing at the flaming feathers. They screamed every time someone shot it off. After 3 hours, their screams were pretty half-hearted ;-)


A random blog compliment

I got this compliment about my website recently from a new friend:

I’ve been checking out Lee,org’s site, and it’s quite extensive. That’s one reason it’s taken this long to get this note off. I go to the site, am immediately intrigued/diverted/meander a while, and then run out’a time, or lose focus.

A conversation overheard on the internet with my ex-housemate Scott

(darn it, I missed a party at my ex-housemate Scott’s house last night. I get tooo much email to sort through it all… [frowny face])

This was part of the party invite and it sounds right-on. That creepy old shack is…. creepy!

“Scott, what’s in that dilapidated wooden shed in the back of our elaborately landscaped but forebodingly overgrown backyard?”

“Oh, ha, that! I’m not sure what’s in there, how about we check it out together and I’ll show you?”

“What are these.. tiny skulls?”

“Looks like, looks like, yeah, I’m not sure what kind of animal would make a skull like that!”

“These look like ISO-standard necromancer candles, and I think someone’s gotten some use out of them.”

“Yeah, I guess those have probably been chilling out here for a while.”

“And what’s in these jars? It’s sort of chunky? Was someone doing some canning?”

“Oh ha ha, hard to say, hard to say.. it does look organic, in fact!”

FLG and SWARM progress

I posted this to the FLG Lipstick list today :-)

First some good news:
SWARM, an offshoot project of FLG is a funded project for Burning Man 2007. The project is coming along very nicely.


Terrific news:
The Serpent Mother will be going to the Fire Arts Festival in Oakland in July!


Super amazing terrific news!
The Serpent Mother will be travelling across two oceans to Robodock in September !!!


Read more on our blog

I’m thinking of volunteering to go to Robodock.

Been Dancing

This week is Bay Area Dance Week. Lots of free dancing.

Charlotte and I went contra dancing Saturday (my muscles are still gloriously sore)

(Saturday morning I went to the yearly SF NERT drill)

Intimate Embrace Tango Sunday

Temple of Poi spinning instruction Monday night (I loved it… very centering… with the possibility of dangerous fire after I get good enough :-)

And darn it, we missed the Bohemian Carnival  at DNA Lounge. Lost Vegas was postponed due to rain. Missed Nerd Pride night at Instructables (Charlotte has never seen Real Genius! A horror that will soon be remedied)

And I’ve been spending time on SWARM! The SWARM wiki will soon be publicly available.

Just go to Maker Faire

Just go to Maker Faire. You won’t regret it (unless you are killed by an errant robot… and admit it, even that would be pretty cool in retrospect)