The Most Awaited Film of the Afternoon: Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Aqua Teen Hunger Force The Movie
Be there on April 13th… or miss it!

Darn it, $2 million will be the best hush money ever spent on a politician since… well, I don’t know since -that- hush money kept the scandal quiet.

Well, except for how the Mooninites are giving us one more push down the slope to McArthyism with this stupidity

[Boston Mayor] Curtatone proposed an ordinance that would allow for nontraditional marketing in the city, but would also regulate it. The ordinance will be considered first by the Board of Aldermen Legislative Matters committee, and then by the full board.

We’re not trying to quell free speech, we just want to make sure we monitor these actions,” Curtatone said.

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  1. Bathes in Milk says:

    Argh. Boston Police Officers have shown the US that they are idiots, now the Mayor wants to burden them with extra paperwork and administrivia to show the rest of the US that, um what…..? Crazy.

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