Conservapedia. I’m embarrased to have been from Hackettstown

I used to live in Hackettstown, NJ. Hackettstown is the home of Andy Schlafly, founder of

Mr. Schlafly got an interview on All Things Considered today. In the interview, Schlafly talks abou…. stupid things. The discussion starts with Conservapedia’s (lack of) coverage of Darwinism. The article on kangaroos, for instance, says this about their origins

According to the origins theory model used by creation scientists, modern kangaroos, like all modern animals, originated in the Middle East[1] and are the descendants of the two founding members of the modern kangaroo baramin that were taken aboard Noah’s Ark prior to the Great Flood.

I suppose it wouldn’t be too terrible if they talked about creationism. I mean, some people believe in it, and it -is- an encyclopedia after all. My problem is that Wikipedia has articles on creationism and darwinism. Conservapedia only has articles on creationism. That’s doubleplusungood.

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