Tag, I’m it

Andre tagged me. So… 5 things about me that most people don’t know….

When I’m having stressful weeks, I sometimes talk in my sleep

I never use nail clippers on my fingers. I bite instead.

I am proud that I can eat an ice cream cone without a single drip

I have a collection of Chief Big Wheels. In high school, one of the kids I sat with, George Karl once tore up the Chief Big Wheel from his package of Big Wheels (cousin to Ding Dongs and Ho Hos). He said something like that he hated them and wanted to destroy them all. In response I (of course) took the Chief Big Wheel from my package and said that I loved them and was starting a collection. Every day, the more he told me how he hated them, the more I’d -need- to collect them. My collection has grown to about 70. That’s about 140 Big Wheel treats! Yum!

I have a secret super-hero identity where I wear the letter “R” on my chest. I’m called Resourceful Man! No, really.

I don’t really feel comfortable tagging others. But if you are reading this and saying to yourself, “Bring it on!” Consider it “brought”!


  1. TJIC says:

    I haven’t thought of George Carl in a decade!

    Hey, I wonder what Paul Mossip, Ms. Rawding, and Ms. Wroszack are up to?

  2. Lee says:

    I had checked in with Ms. Rawding a few years ago and she was happily teaching high school physics in Morristown. I found Paul’s domain with some photos of his motorcycles, girlfriend, rifle, friends, and home (with his girlfriend?/wife?) in that order. I couldn’t find George easily via on the darpanet :-(

  3. Brandon says:

    I love that you saved all those Chief Big Wheels! What year are those from approximately? I collect all sorts of Hostess Cakes items, including old boxes, so this was fun to see. Did you save any complete boxes? I’m always looking to buy Hostess items that I don’t have. Thanks for posting this!

    = Brandon

  4. lee says:

    Hey Brandon, your site is a real tribute to my childhood. Thanks!

    My Chief Big Wheel labels come from fall of 1984 thru spring of 1987 or so.

    Sorry, I don’t have any complete boxes :-(

  5. Laura says:


    LOVED Hostess Big Wheels. Growing up, I lived down the street from the Hostess plant and made quite a few stops there. I was a “connoisseur” of Big Wheels in the 70’s. Back then, they each came individually sealed in foil wrappers. Loved the foil wrappers, they just added something to the cake. Was never a fan of the plastic packaging but bought nonetheless as I still did LOVE the cake. Wish Hostess would consider re re-leasing/issuing with Chief Big Wheels as mascot of course :)

    Anyways, it was quite nostalgic and fun seeing your collection. The history behind that collection Was equally fun –- and amusing!

    Thanks for posting!


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