I have been starting a business with my girlfriend, Charlotte. We are tentatively calling it Safe and Secure. It is an earthquake preparedness business where we go to people’s homes and institutions and ready them for the kinds of earthquakes that we inevitably have here in northern California. It’s turning out to be quite interesting and fun. We are becoming experts in the field. :-)

In my personal/art life, I have been working on several projects getting ready for Burning Man. One is called Swarm. You can take a peek here: http://www.orbswarm.com/. I am also helping to rework the Serpent Mother… that is the giant snake that we worked on last year. You saw pictures of that, yes? Take a peek: http://lee.org/blog/2006/10/03/serpent-links/


  1. Rosa says:


    Marah was just filling me in on the details of this this weekend — it sounds really great! I look forward to hearing more about it!

    In other news, I think I will give up my BM virginity this year, so perhaps I’ll see you there :)

  2. Scott says:

    Hi Lee,

    Dude, that swarm sounds awesome, I will be buying my tickets tomorrow.

    Some mail came for you today, probably jury duty notice.


    PS, I like the challenge question, I answered 9, but considered putting in n1ne to see if that would work.

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