Pirate Radio

A local pirate radio station just put a call out for help. I love stuff like this…

Pirate Cat was down a good part of last week and we are looking for generous souls who would be willing to donate some bandwidth to mirror the Pirate Cat Radio Streams. Now you don’t have to mirror all 3000 streams, but maybe 15 streams at 96k.

Second, Pirate Cat needs a new home for it’s antenna STAT! High elevation in San Francisco is of prime concern, and of course access to the roof of your building. PCR is willing to cover $30 /month of your Internet access or install DSL if you don’t already have it at your home. Antenna is only about 3 ft high and some auxiliary equipment, it will be a really low profile setup, you landlord will think it’s for TV.

…and you should have a strong door so you can’t hear the FCC Police (who knock harder then the Postal Police) at your door.

Ha! I’d consider but my DSL is tapped out (I’m such a geek) and I don’t live on a hill.

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  1. Powerfrau says:

    Mmmmmm, PIrates. Argh there dinosaurs, too?

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