SF Makes me sad

Sad because there is more cool stuff to do here than I could possibly do.
I’m “stuck” building a 170′ interactive flaming animatronic serpent when I could be…

hiking, going to theater events, training for cabaret, doing pirate radio, doing sticker art for the Serpent Mom, making “Iron Chef” style movies at the Zeitgeist, going to FLG parties, blogging, flying model airplanes, seeing Emperor Norton again, answering casting calls at the Dark Room, enjoying intimate music and art, ZeroOne San Jose “A Global Festival of Art on the Edge & the Thirteenth International Symposium of Electronic Art”, Some Assembly Required events, several cool Laughing Squid events, several Dorkbot events …

And almost all of the events mentioned are happening THIS WEEK!


  1. Frau says:

    Wanna help me, too?

  2. Frau says:

    I’d love to go and do it all. Want some company?

  3. Vixen says:

    Yes! It makes me sad too that I can not split myself into about 5 pieces and go to all this great stuff!!! But see you on the playa!

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