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Design Within Reach: Not

I keep getting this catalog that the previous tenant of my apartment got…. Design Within Reach. They are selling this image that… well… fancy furniture designs is within reach of… well, I’m not sure.

Case in point:

The latest catalog has on its outside back cover the “Multipot Personal Electric Charger“.

Designed in the shape of a translucent bucket, the compact MultiPot solves the problem of messy recharging devices by socking away the electric cords in one easy-to-find and attractive spot. A 5-way multisocket is hidden in the lid where you store your gear, while the deeper base holds the tangle of unsightly cords.

So…. it’s a flower pot with a power-plug lid. Neat. I might pay $40 for th…. $228?!?! It costs $228?!?!?!?!? It’s a flower pot with a power-plug lid! You have got to be freaking kidding me!

Am I in the wrong business?

In other news, check out the $700 cardboard desk.

This stuff reminds me of (good and free-ish though not as pretty) Playatech furniture.

Superman Returns Sucked

3 out of 10
“All special effects, take out the special.”

Thin story. Poor continuity. Poor plot. Cardboard characters. Pretty, if overused iconography of Super floating in space and close-ups of the suit. If you saw the original Superman and the trailer for Superman Returns, then you’ve seen 90% of the movie.

Here, let me fix that: Lex steals Super’s Fortress of Solitude crystals and tries to build a continent off the coast of New Jersey. Super stops him. Lois and Super had a baby who would have powers if the writers would only remember he’s not a cardboard cutout.

There, that’s about 99%. If you think the last 1% is worth 3 hrs and $10, then by all means, go for it.

If you had the misfortune of seeing it, them let me commiserate with you:
What the frig was it with the giant globe on top of the Daily Planet Building? I think that maybe they paid so much for the set that they felt like they had to get their money’s worth. The frigging ball gets more screen time than Jimmy Olsen! Seriously.

Lois and Super had sex once and had a boy (reminds me of the Protestants in Monty Python’s “The Meaning of Life”). The kid is immune to Kryptonite and has powers but the writers keep forgetting to have him use them… either that or Lois is a frigging idiot. (notice the prolific use of the prefix “frig-” in my review. It was well deserved). At the end, everything is left up in the air. Lex is stranded on an island, his st00pid evil plan thwarted. Super and Lois might start dating, or Lois might date both Super and Dick (maybe Dick is bi. That’d be progressive). The kid’s powers are completely ignored (unless killing a bad guy by throwing a piano at him is one of those freak things that normal 6 year olds sometimes do). Super’s Fortress of Solitude crystals might be lost… or not. All this in 2hrs and 37 droll minutes.

The special effects are pretty good. I think maybe I would have enjoyed watching it better had it been in German.

Kevin Spacey would have been a great Lex Luthor, if they hadn’t given him shit to work with.

Oh and I saw it in IMAX. That was kinda cool.

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Today’s Quote: Han Solo on religion

“Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.”
— Han Solo, outspoken skeptic of the Force

Free phone calls


Landline phone calls between members are free. Jajah accounts are free.

From their website, you type in the two phone numbers that you want connected. The first phone one rings and you pick up. The second phone rings and they pick up. The call connected 2 wired landline (or cell) phones over their VOIP network.

And Plaxo ties it to MS Outlook so I can click a button next to a phone number and it all magically works.

This outdoes Skype’s “call any wired or cell phone in the US from your computer for free”.

So somebody call me so we can try it already.

Low Key Peep Flambe Camp Update

600 Peeps: check

5 mini blow torches: check

144 skewers: check

Inflatable Peep mascot: check

Sanity: n/a

Update 10-3-06: