Design Within Reach: Not

I keep getting this catalog that the previous tenant of my apartment got…. Design Within Reach. They are selling this image that… well… fancy furniture designs is within reach of… well, I’m not sure.

Case in point:

The latest catalog has on its outside back cover the “Multipot Personal Electric Charger“.

Designed in the shape of a translucent bucket, the compact MultiPot solves the problem of messy recharging devices by socking away the electric cords in one easy-to-find and attractive spot. A 5-way multisocket is hidden in the lid where you store your gear, while the deeper base holds the tangle of unsightly cords.

So…. it’s a flower pot with a power-plug lid. Neat. I might pay $40 for th…. $228?!?! It costs $228?!?!?!?!? It’s a flower pot with a power-plug lid! You have got to be freaking kidding me!

Am I in the wrong business?

In other news, check out the $700 cardboard desk.

This stuff reminds me of (good and free-ish though not as pretty) Playatech furniture.

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  1. Powerfrau says:

    COoooooool, Playatech furniture….

    However a cardboard desk for refugee populations–which comes with the price tag of 800+ dollars, and you shouldn’t leave it in sunlight, well , uhm, yeah, sure

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