Places to go in England

Charlotte and I were thinking of going to England on a trip. Instead she’s moving to San Francisco. I was starting to make a to-go list for our trip. Instead of archiving it on my computer, I’ll archive it on my web host… IE: you get to see it

Todo in England
Feed the pigeons in Trafalgar Square

eat treacle

Rick Steves says:

Get an Ordinance Survey map. They list tiny details like Stone Circles (Steve had one in Dartmoor) They are pretty too.

The best currency exchange rates can be found at banks and ATMs.

There is a 1/2 price “Day of Show” ticket booth at Lester Sq in London to see plays
Call the theater and buy tix to avoid ticket fees

In country pubs, sometimes tip, sometimes don’t

Drink Ale or Bitters, not carbonated American lagers

Consider seeing the chalk cliffs of Beachy Head. It’s more rural than the famous cliffs of Dover

eat cornish pasties – the original portable food that tin miners used to eat

Dartmoor – “nature in your face”

Glastonbury abbey ruins (fiona/SB)
Bath is supposed to be great(stay outside of bath)

A day spent driving in the cotswolds over to Glastonbury is nice (can’t remember what Fiz said about that)

The drive between Bath and Dorchester is supposed to be lovely

See the chalk horse and the giant chalk man with the penis and cane. (In Cernes?)

Susan says that Devon is gorgeous and there is a nice drive along the coast/moors…I think it was glastonbury to the North coast to Linmut (?sp)

Snowdonia Park is supposed to be fabulous

B&Bs run about 20-25 pounds per night less if the room has no private bath. online has great service for finding B&Bs


  1. TJIC says:

    Visit Bletchley Park, where WWII cryptographers invented computers (more or less) and broke the Nazi enigma code.

  2. Frau says:

    That looks like some of my list, too. : ) I still wanna go to England with you, probaby drier than New England at the moment. Oh, OH, oH call on me Mr Teacher…are you gonna tell ’em about “The Boring England video?

  3. Matthew Lambert says:

    The best place to go is alotn towers, theme park. Alton towers is a massive theme park, which is no only good for thrill seakers, but there are beautiful gardens, and amazing walks.

    there are also places for the little ones.

    There places and rides for everyone, and for all the family.

  4. melb says:

    This is my advise if you are going to visit England. Go to Northern England, there are tons of medieval buildings, restaurants and museums and also the largest Gothic cathedral in Europe (I think). Two other really beautiful places, in a haunting sort of way are the Yorkshire Dales National Park and North Your Moors National Park. That’s my two cents…

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