Past and Future Doings

Wednesday Flaming Lotus Girls meeting and work on Serpent
Thursday Improv Party at Mary’s… waay too much fun
Friday Forbidden Island in Alameda with Michael and Karin from Improv
Saturday woke up late (darned tropical drinks! It’s the umbrellas, I tell you!). worked at Box Shop, Fire Arts Expo at Monster Park
Sunday Improv class, hang with Harmony and Crism
–now– midway between Sunday and Monday
Monday chill I hope!
Tuesday photo shoot for Flaming Lotus Girl Calendar (!!!) What should I wear (or not??)
Wednesday FLG meeting and work on Serpent
Thursday Going out for Shameless Heather’s birthday
Friday Treesa’s Memorial Day party overnight in Boulder Creek
Saturday prep for my folks coming to visit! Chill with Andre from work?
Sunday last improv class :-(


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