A busy weekend

10-6 work (and some constructive commenting on TVR’s practices (I find that more rewarding than work))
6-7 commute home
7-7:30 freshen up & walk to Dark Room
7:30-9:15 Perform at the Dark Room
9:15-10:30 dinner with Crism and AJ at Cancun… and then dinner with the rest of the cast who strolled in as they were getting ready to leave
10:30-1… umm, those are the mystery hours. I have no idea what I did then.
1 sleep

10-12 futz
12-1:30 watch English Wheel video and clean house
1:30-2:30 lunch at Paplote, chat with a nice lady in line and then we decided to eat together. She loves doing stained glass art like I enjoy building giant art.
2:30-3 drive to Box Shop
2:20-6 bang metal and oogle at power tool drag racers under construction
6-7:15 drive home, freshen up, walk to The Dark Room for my performance
7:15-9:30 perform and hang out backstage
9:30-12 wander the streets, find a broken vacumm cleaner and drive it around. pizza at Arinells, look for but not find Michael (Improv classmate) at Uptown at 17th (not 16th!) and Capp
12 sleeeeep

10-12 wake slowly & futz around house
noon-2:30 power tool drag races and talking to Charlotte
2:30-3 drive to improv
3-5:30 improv class
5:30-6:45 hang out with improv classmates Michael and Harmony outside class, talking and balancing balls on our heads
6:45-7:10 shove dinner down throat having just realized that there is a $5 improv show at 7pm
7-9 watch improv with Michael and Harmony (oops! I missed Bad Movie Night! It was Battlefield Earth, which promised to be REEALLLY bad!)
9-9:30 drive home
9:30-10 try to make auto-darkening welding helmet work right, pretty sure I’m not succeeding
10-10:10 write this, invent new emoticon: :^9
10:05-sometime take a long bath
Then sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

weird: A woman I met in line at East Bay Rats Fight Night… Nina(?) is good friends with Alicia, who played Rod Serling.
I missed Bad Movie Night, Saturday Kite Fight, a gun show at Cow Palace, and Running of the Bullshitteers

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  1. Lee says:

    I fell asleep in the tub. I’ve never done that. It was weird and good, waking with a start mostly underwater. :^9 My skin feels all fresh and smooth (and while that is an overshare, I can understand why chicks dig long baths).

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