TVTonic on Rocketboom

My company’s product, TVTonic will be featured on Rocketboom tomorow, Monday April 10, 2006.

(Rocketboom Archive)

If you don’t watch Rocketboom, well you should.


  1. Free says:

    Umm, I hate to tell you this, but there is no Monday, April 9. ;-)

  2. Lee says:

    :-( No wonder we’ve had such a hard time selling the timeslot. ;-)

    Fixed, thanks!

    PS, I have no idea what the episode will look like. I hope all works out well!

  3. André says:

    The story is AWESOME!!! Everyone should go light up the comments with support for Lee:

    “I love TVTonic, especially that one guy Lee that works on TVTonic. He’s super dreamy!”

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