Orisinal fun Flash games


Very fun. Very cute. Kid friendly. I like em too.

Except for that “shoo the penguins with the ice cube gun to save them” game. It feels way too much like Duck Hunt.


  1. Spexsappeal says:

    Interface question…
    Do comments posted through LJ not pop up on your blog? And in my LJ reader’s list your tarot post pops up twice.

  2. Lee says:

    >Appearing twice…
    I see on my Livejournal syndicated user “Gadlenblog” (further thanks to Pyrophage for hosting it) what you are talking about. That’s a bit of a quirk between Livejournal and my blog. The problem is apparently caused because I renamed the blog entry a few days after I posted it. One is “Tarot as a Meditation” and the other is “Tarot as a Meditation… and Power Rangers!” Livejournal saw that and thought that I had created a new entry.

    When this happens, go by the most recent entry. There’s nothing else to be done about it.

    >Comments in LJ appearing my my regular blog…

    HEY!!?!!! No, in fact they do not! I just realized this! And since I never check my LJ account, I never see them! I will review all the old entries there right now!

  3. Frau says:

    Try miling cows or the bubble bees or, or, or…the koala bears. YAY!

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