Web Site Design and Life

A friend asked me my thoughts on how he could make a good web site for himself that wouldn’t put off potential employers and that he’d still like for himself. I looked over my reply and realized that most of it applies to life as well.

Do anything. Just do it well. Put care into it and people will notice. Be honest about it. Keep it relatively current.

You said that you wanted to make your site like mine. Mine a mish-mosh of stuff I’ve done over the past 10+ years. My homepage has an ancient design but it’s functional. I have no eye for design and I know it but I forge ahead. I’m sure that my personality shows through in a positive way because I put in the effort.

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  1. Charlotte says:

    Jacob (maybe Jakob) Nielson’s book on Web Design is excellent. I highly recommend it. Many sites have great bells and whistles, but the interfaces aren’t very good or it doesn’t work for the user–meaning it looks cool-but things are unclear. Backward compatibility, too…pretty opinionated for a German teacher

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