Last Weekend

My weekend product review:

Marrakesh in Sacramento: Food-excellent. Atmosphere-fantastic. Baklava-so intoxicating I lost my balance. Belly Dancing-the best I’ve ever seen. Her technical belly dancing skills were remarkable with total, very tight control over rapid movements and isolating body parts perfectly.

Gallery Horse Cow, Pink Party in Sacramento- Amazingly fun, Awsome place. They went all out. The cops broke up the party at 12:45 am because uumm because there is no fun allowed of any kind! (I’ll give 5 points to whoever knows where that quote is from. Hint: B. M. M. B.)

Laura in Sacramento: Better than cats. I’ll see her again and again ;-)

The Horse and Goat in Sacramento: (what’s it called again? That’s not the name) Great ambiance, ok omlette.

Holly’s shindig, art and hospitality: wonderful terrific!

My new bed back in SF: great

New shelving in SF: not installed yet but finally in the house



  1. Laura says:

    Oooh, oooh, will have to work on my Lee Sonko product review!

  2. Amykins says:

    is laura the one I spoke to driving from the wake that night in PA?

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