I just got back from Argentine Tango practica (I’m taking a 4 week course at Metronome).

I understand how someone might feel strongly that some types of music and dance are disgustingly barbaric. As I took my partner into my hands, I was struck intensely with how delicate and sensitive an instrument my partner’s body is. At the first touch, when my brain told my body “dance now” it wanted to do that crude American swaying waltz where we lean into one another and push one another around the dance floor. My dance partner Andrea, being an excellent dancer and the class instructor, was so sensitive to my every nuanced move that I immediately felt as if I would rattle her apart if I asked her to ride this coarse energy flow. Like plugging a 110 volt lightbulb into a 220 volt outlet!

Once I got going, the dance was terrific. Just walking around the room can be real dance. I have many contented bubbles of thought and feeling about how pleasant dance can be. Rather than push them out to my fingers, I’m going to go to sleep with a smile on my face.

Thank you Peggy and Benn[something (grr, my memory!)] for the excellent dance and conversation! And to Andrea and the man who was happy to follow my lead.

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  1. Charlotte says:

    Your walz experiences don’t sound like mine…heavenly floating. bliss-filled sigh. Tango is fun–haven’t done that since college.

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