3 Degrees of Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon –> Bobby Jacoby –> Laura –> Lee Sonko

I know Laura through Holly who went to summer camp with Bobby years ago, who was in the movie Tremors with Kevin.


  1. amykins says:

    And meeting him doesn’t count?

    Cause I met him years ago…also Keanue Reeves, who I am sure he was in a movie in, and I used to do illega things with Jamie Cromwell too…

    I am sure I am pretty good up there with the Bacon, but I am horrible at that game like no bodys business

  2. Lee says:

    Hey, why aren’t we in The Oracle of Bacon?! (you can also attempt to link any two stars).

    Oh, and Laura, I found Bobby Jacoby listed as Robert Jayne in film. I guess that’s his name before he got his Actors Equity card.

  3. Lee says:

    Hmm, I don’t think meeting him counts. Or at least that would be a different game. The official (sic) rules of the game connect people that have been in movies with Kevin Bacon

  4. amykins says:

    well then Laura’s shouldn’t count either, she went to camp with a guy who ended up being in a movie, technically then hers would not count as she was not in a movie with him….

  5. Lee says:

    You’re right.

    You’re always right.

  6. amykins says:

    not always…but in this case…

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