Dancing in the Castro

Last night was a blast. Holly’s friend Laura invited me to an evening of dance and debauchery in the Castro with two of her friends.

We started out drinking Dirty Girls.. that’s Go Girl Energy Drink*, vodka and… I don’t know, something else. After the second glass, it started tasting really good ;-)

We walked on down to at Badlands. On the way, Laura excitedly pointed out The Glass Coffin and other sights. We made it to the club and danced until everyone got hit on at least once.

We went over to to The Cafe with it’s different vibe and danced some more, bumping (and grinding) into all manner of folks. The most exciting part of the evening happened in the bathrooms… or more accurately, just outside. Laura and I went down to go and we smelled natural gas. Thinking this a potentially bad thing, I ran up and told the bartender, who radioed the manager. The whole place was cleared out in 10 minutes! The fire department arrived after only about 5 (nice response time). I was -hoping- that our evening would end with a bang, but nothing doing (not injuries, or a burnt down club, just, you know, a cool ball of flame or something). Instead, it ended with banana pancakes at Raggedy Andy’s.


(The terribly shakey photo is me pointing at one of the two fire trucks that I summoned)

*I had supposited that the taurine in Go Girl and Red Bull et all could not be obtained from non-animal sources. I did some research today and found that synthetic taurine is now available but I couldn’t find any info saying that it had replaced naturally occurring (meat-based) taurine in the marketplace. That’s right, your energy drink is probably made from meat.

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  1. Lee says:

    It’s true that bull testicles are high in taurine. There was speculation at one point that Red Bull was made from it (I did my taurine homework today).

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