I have a new home!

West Of mission Street – If you like it interesting and culturally fun, get a place also between Mission Street and the Castro, but closer to Mission street. If you can swing it, and if you like gentrified instead of funky, I would get a place between Mission Street and the Castro, closer to the Castro. The closer to Castro, the more wonderful, well-cared-for and personal the neighborhood gets. This area stops at Church street, which is parallel to Mission street. Church and Mission are about six blocks apart.

(source) (photos of the area by the same author)

I’m finishing the paperwork with the realtor on Friday! I’ll be moving into my new well appointed studio apartment in San Francisco on November 15th!

It’s a nice studio apartment in a very nice building, in a nice sunny part of town, near lots of things and culture and -stuff-, and (I grumbled at the realization that this had to be on my “must have” list) near 101 for my thrice-weekly carpool commute to Cupertino.

Now that I’m getting what I feel I need to thrive, I feel obligated to the universe to do something great with it!


Yipe, I have no furniture!


  1. Laura says:

    Congrats! You’re in the same area as the Osento women’s bathhouse…that’s what I call location!

  2. Lotta, fiona's friend says:

    Congrats!! Too bad that I can’t send you some of mine. I have an overabundance! I can’t say anything about beds–i sleep on a very firm futon, but a friend bought a bed that is supposed to last for ten years–garanteed.

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