Bed recommendations?

I need a new bed.

In most every bed I’ve ever slept in for more than a few months, this divot forms where I sleep on my side. Yes, yes, I know that you’re supposed to rotate your bed every couple months. I do that but it only staves off the divoting for a while. I think it’s that I fall asleep stay in once place; I’ve read how people toss and turn in their sleep all night but I think I toss very little if at all.

I spent like $800 on this snazzy bed a few years ago. 4 years later, the divot became permanent. I’m sleeping on an Ikea mattress right now; for the first 3 months I thought I had found a mattress that didn’t sag beneth me. Nope. I put a good-ol’ divot in my family’s guest bed too. The destruction continues.

I didn’t have this problem with a water bed and Stevie points out that his Select Comfort air mattresses don’t get divots.

I’m thinking about getting a Select Comfort bed. What do you think?


  1. Laura says:

    Have you considered the possibility that you might have superpowers? I’ve never heard of anyone going through that many beds in that short a time–either you expand to six times your regular mass at nightfall or you’re having wacky divot-worthy sex.

    I’ve slept on three different Select Comfort beds and two of three were glorified air mattresses and were neither selective nor comfortable. The third bed was incredibly comfortable, but I assume that was because it was the billion dollar version(I know for a fact it was the Cal King Pillow Top with 600 thread-count sheets–that may have influenced my perception). I’d do some Consumer Reports research before investing.

    But also consider this, aybe this god telling you to get a futon? Those things are automatically uncomfortable and very difficult to divot.

    Good luck!

  2. rosa says:

    I’ve slept on Select Comforts and I like them fine. The nicer ones, with extra fluffy stuff on top are, of course, my favorite, but it sounds to me like maybe that would be a problem for you since those are the parts that would be likely to get nested over time. I think I’d suggest getting the basic model and then buying whatever cushy mattress topper you might like (you can get the tempurpedic stuff or featherbeds or…) so that you can refresh it every once in a while.

    Good luck! Bed shopping is both fun and scary :)

  3. Lee says:

    That $800 mattress I got had a 10 year warranttee. If the thing hadn’t sat in storage for 2 years and then get given away on freecycle before my move to SF, I would have tried to get my money back… but then I just saw on some websites that warranttees don’t cover less than 1 1/2 inches of sag. 1 1/2 inches?? 1 1/2 inches?? That’s a freaking hole in a bed.

    That waterbed is starting to look pretty good. That’ll never sag.

    Of course, my lease will probably forbid them…

  4. Lee says:

    >divot-worthy sex

    I wish. I really think it’s that I sleep like a stone. I’ll fall asleep with a magazine in my hand and wake up the next morning with it only a few inches away.

    >The third bed was incredibly comfortable, but I assume that was
    >because it was the billion dollar version

    I fear you might be right. One can easily drop $2,500 on a bed at Select Comfort. That’s a stupid amount of money. I’d just buy 2 $1,000 beds and pocket the rest.

    >Consumer Reports
    An excellent idea. Thanks!

  5. Lee says:

    >Of course, my lease will probably forbid them…
    I signed the lease today. Waterbed

  6. Nathan Morrison says:

    Get a 6 inch medium firm latex mattress and your done. Add a 2 inch latex super soft topper if you want plush.

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