Illegal soapbox racing

Ah! I missed it! Sunday was a good/bad day for me. I came down from staying the night after a Halloween party Santa Rosa for a house interview. Party was good, time spent, good. I had a good feeling about the house but they called to cancel before I got there. I looked around the marina wondering if I should buy a boat to live on. (A: No, duh!) I spent a while pouting, I even skipped out on the Chet Helms free psychadelia concert, I was thinking “I’ll never find a good place to live”. I tried to get in to “Bat Man: The TV Show: The Play” but it was sold out… and it was their last show EVER. Until I saw the Poseiden Adventure. Ernest Borgnine is a man’s man.

I didn’t even hear about the illegal soapbox racing til Trav mentioned it via Boingboing. It’s cool to live in a place that gets BBoinged. But then aren’t most of the BBoingers here?

Wow, this post is really looking like that quintescential “stare at my belly button lint!” entries. Let me cheer you (and ME!) up by saying that last week I met and shared a tobacco hookah with the Shanan, the Tivo Diva. It was krazy, I felt like I was having a brush with stardom. It is soo weird how seeing people on TV puts them automatically in a higher place in your internal hierarchy. And on that same night I had a very nice evening filled with tapas, “The Angry 420’s” and’s Shameless Heather!

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