Cookie Mongoloid

I caught Cookie Mongoloid at 12 Galaxies last night. It was awsome. They are a Cookie Monster – Sesame Street Speed Metal Cover Band, heavy on the art of the performance.

Cookie Mongoloid

– Metal renditions of Sesame Street classics work well for me
– Double barreled, air powered cookie shotgun!
– Cookie Uzi – it jammed on stage so no cookie uzi for us :-(
– I got their leather studded cd “Blood + Cookies”
– Mongoloid fans have good, if gentle mosh pits
– “What body parts start with ‘C’ ? Me can only think of 2 things. One thing is ‘colon’. Me not say what other thing is.” !!!


  1. Brenda says:

    Hey, is “Cookie Uzi” on the “Blood & Cookies album? I didn’t see it on the track list. You also can’t listen to it on the site (?)


  2. Lee says:

    I took a look.. sorry, no it’s not on my (faux-)leather bound, metal studded Blood & Cookies album liner notes. Hmm, maybe I should have stuck the CD in. It might be a secret hidden track. (Of course, I -should- know either way because I -should- be playing Blood and Cookies so much that the laser on my CD player burns grooves into the disc…)

    I’ll stick the CD in tonight and check.

  3. Lee says:

    Sorry, no hidden tracks. But the tracks that -are- there still sound great!

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