Humvee as a status symbol

Holly was telling me that Humvees get 3 MPG. That sounded like propoganda so I checked it out…

Oh my. She’s not so far off! Gasoline powered Hummers get 4-7 MPG! Turbo diesels get 10-15.

That means my 45 mile commute to Cupertino a few days a week would cost $50 round-trip in gas instead of my current $10 round-trip! Something like an extra $6,000 a year in gas. (12,000 miles @ $3/gallon, Hummer 5MPG, Sebring 27MPG)

That’s why it’s a status symbol.

I want a 9000 SUX

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  1. TJIC says:

    You’re burning 2-3 gallons of gasoline a DAY?

    You right-wing corporate fascist types DISGUST ME.

    I burn roughly 1cc of gasoline per day (working at home).


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