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Illegal soapbox racing

Ah! I missed it! Sunday was a good/bad day for me. I came down from staying the night after a Halloween party Santa Rosa for a house interview. Party was good, time spent, good. I had a good feeling about the house but they called to cancel before I got there. I looked around the marina wondering if I should buy a boat to live on. (A: No, duh!) I spent a while pouting, I even skipped out on the Chet Helms free psychadelia concert, I was thinking “I’ll never find a good place to live”. I tried to get in to “Bat Man: The TV Show: The Play” but it was sold out… and it was their last show EVER. Until I saw the Poseiden Adventure. Ernest Borgnine is a man’s man.

I didn’t even hear about the illegal soapbox racing til Trav mentioned it via Boingboing. It’s cool to live in a place that gets BBoinged. But then aren’t most of the BBoingers here?

Wow, this post is really looking like that quintescential “stare at my belly button lint!” entries. Let me cheer you (and ME!) up by saying that last week I met and shared a tobacco hookah with the Shanan, the Tivo Diva. It was krazy, I felt like I was having a brush with stardom. It is soo weird how seeing people on TV puts them automatically in a higher place in your internal hierarchy. And on that same night I had a very nice evening filled with tapas, “The Angry 420’s” and’s Shameless Heather!

The Poseidon Adventure

Last night, I spent my evening watching The Poseidon Adventure with a cadre of bad movie connesseurs at The Dark Room, 2263 Mission St. Done up in MST3K style, we paid $5 to hear the Bad Movie Night theme song played on banjo and then we hung around and ate popcorn and the movie. Twas fun.

Working for The Man again

I just accepted a full-time position with Wavexpress. :-)

Cookie Mongoloid

I caught Cookie Mongoloid at 12 Galaxies last night. It was awsome. They are a Cookie Monster – Sesame Street Speed Metal Cover Band, heavy on the art of the performance.

Cookie Mongoloid

– Metal renditions of Sesame Street classics work well for me
– Double barreled, air powered cookie shotgun!
– Cookie Uzi – it jammed on stage so no cookie uzi for us :-(
– I got their leather studded cd “Blood + Cookies”
– Mongoloid fans have good, if gentle mosh pits
– “What body parts start with ‘C’ ? Me can only think of 2 things. One thing is ‘colon’. Me not say what other thing is.” !!!

Fixed that terribly annoying comment bug

I fixed that terribly annoying bug that IE users were seeing when trying to leave comments on my site. It was that the comment text-box would extend all the way to the right, underneath the right column such that you couldn’t see what you typed… terribly annoying.


So now everybody comment like moon-struck werewolves.

How’s it going?

From an email to a friend

>Are you still looking for a permanent apartment?
Yup. Do you have any pointers?

>How is the hunt for a meaningful existence going?

I’m wearing comfortable shoes and I’ve found a steady path but I’m not sure if it’ll lead into the fire swamp, the pit of dispair, or true love. I’m hoping for more of the latter and less of the former.