Coldforged in rare form

Coldforged in rare form:

Coldforged on Grand Theft Auto’s sex scene.

What was little Suzie doing with a Mature labeled game anyway? This isn’t like buying Spongebob Squarepants’ Underwater Adventure and unlocking a secret “SPONGEBOB SLIPPERY SLIDING SODOMY” minigame. The GTA series is all about beating and killing cops and pedestrians, banging hookers and killing them afterward and doing essentially as many virtual illegal things as you can fit in a day. But, someone figures out there’s sex in the game and people lose their skulls.

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Finally, someone is launching an investigation into that patently obscene millisecond shot of Janet Jackson’s mostly-obscured nipple during the Super Bowl. I’m so glad that someone is thinking of the irreparable harm that this brief pseudo-nudity caused.

Oh! Did anyone catch that CSI episode where the dog carries home a decapitated human head, and the dog got sick because it ate part of the head?! That was awesome!

Yeah! I saw that episode too! I remember, the killer drugged and then buried some poor sot up to his neck and tortured him all night before killing him! Frickin’ awsome!

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