Spamming with Kapikachchhu

I clicked on one of those stupid SPUR-M spam emails. The ingredients are claimed to be:

Each tablet contains:

Salabmisri 130mg, Kokilaksha 64mg, Vanya Kahu 32mg, Kapikachchhu 32mg, Suvarnavang 32mg


Vriddadaru 64mg, Gokshura 64mg, Jeevanti 64mg, Shaileyam 32mg

Since I had never heard of these ingredients, I googled for them. I was suprised (and impressed) to find 6,400 google references for Salabmisri. Then I checked on Kokilaksha and again found 6,400 references. It seems that every ingredient has just about exactly 6,400 references. And they all say exactly the same thing. Google went so far as to offer me only 30 unique results out of the 6,400 hits.

Jeez, what a job, going to all manner of web sites and pushing your shit on them all day.

PS. (emphasis mine)

FDA Disclaimer:
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (although our pills are produced in state of the art pharmicitual laboratories, using the latest technology, fully in complient with stringent WHO standards). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

update 9-23-05 The page you are looking at is ranked as the number 1 site for “Kapikachchhu” in the world in Google. That’s pretty funny.


  1. manfra says:

    That’s what internet is for. Good job, thanks.
    I live in Brazil and know a little about homeopathy and herbs.
    I have never heard these names too.

  2. Jaime says:


    Apparently it was a misspelling. its Kapikachu

    Anyway you wont find me buying those SPUR-M…
    Reminds me of SLURM, for all of you, Futurama geeks… hehehe

  3. Lee says:

    If I’m to believe some of the websites on Kapikachu, then maybe it’s not so bad.


    It is considered useful to relieve constipation, nephropathy, strangury, dysmenorrhoea, amenorrhoea, elephantiasis, dropsy, neuropathy, consumption, ulcers, helminthiasis, fever, and delirum

  4. Helder says:

    Hey guys!

    I did the same thing! I googled every single ingredient and done some background research about that spur m stuff.

    I checked for side effects and other problems. Since I didn’t find any, I went ahead and ordered one small box.

    I fucked so much in the first month, my wife, secretary and even thought about my dog.

    OMG! The pills are amazing and they definitely change my cum’s flavour. My wife asked what happened. She loves deepthroat.

    Anyway, I can only recommend it.

    Bye and I am going to fuck my neighbour’s wife, since he’s going to play golf now.:)

  5. Lee says:

    I was a bit suprised to get that comment from Helder and then I noticed that is currently the number one (and number two) ranked Kapikachchhu site on the internet according to Google. w00t!

    I’m so proud and happy to be in the limelight. Every man within the sound of my voice should go to their corner pharmacy, buy spur-m, taste their ejaculate and hump their neighbor’s dog.


  6. bucko says:

    So what is the bottom line about Spur-M?

  7. Lee says:

    If you really want to find out, you should send me 5 easy payments of $79.95 plus $12.95 shipping and handling. Write me directly and I’ll give you information as to where to send the money.

  8. Michael says:

    This is funny. I too decided to do the ol’ google search and analysis gig on SPUR-M AND, hit on this website. So here’s another post for your popularity contest and a good reference for others that aren’t so smart.

    I’m glad I don’t have a dog!

  9. jonny says: