Design Invasion: Fat American Edition

I’m half-watching some TV show while geeking. It’s called Design Invasion. They come into your house and…. you can guess the rest… blah blah…

Well, this 50-something woman, with her husband standing behind her just traded her grandmother’s Samifar (spelling? (it’s a large metal Jewish urn)) for “what was behind the door”. It turn out to be a big-screen TV. When she saw what she had won, she looked like she had just won the lottery.

To put this in perspective, she had told us in the previous scene that, of all the items in her living room, it was the thing that was most precious because it was the only substantial thing she had from her grandmother.

That turns my stomach.

Now they’re showing pictures of the before and after rooms. The room looks like….. like every other “after” I’ve ever seen.

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