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On the road

I’m writing from my old friend Zim’s house in Denver Colorado. This at the end of 3 days travel. I spent each night in Elyria OH, Iowa City Iowa, a campground west of Grand Island Nebraska, and now Denver!

Tomorow I’m seeing Stevie near Boulder. Then it’s on to the south and Arizona. I think the Grand Canyon and some other spectacular places are in my future.

I’m so glad I stopped to see Zim, his wife and son. They’re just terrific.


PC off

Turning PC off now. Withdrawl symptoms imminent.



PS. Why the hell am I posting pirate statistics? I should be moving!

Did I say Tuesday?

I meant Thursday. Yeah. Thursday morning, bright and early.

Jeez, this has been the longest goodbye in the world.

I’m paying close attention to Bob Parson’s come TJIC’s come Lee’s 16 rules to live by. Especially #3.

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Leaving Tuesday

I’ll likely be in my car, on my way west on Tuesday morning. My computer will be in a box for the next couple weeks (yipe! What ever will I do without it?!). I’ll be able to check mail only sporadically. Much better to reach me by mobile phone or email short messages to my cell at [my cell #]

TGIF: a really good humor mailing list

My good friend Eric puts out a mailer every Friday called TGIF. He’s been doing it off and on for several years now. It’s a wonderful time waster while you’re waiting for 4:45pm to become 5pm on Friday.

Check out the tgifhumor Group on Yahoo

and sign up for the weekly list!

To give you a taste, here’s a snippet from this week’s mailer

PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals:
* * *
Rubber Ducky Youˇ¦re the One: (sound)
* * *
“In November 2004, Microsoft’s second-in-command Steve Ballmer made some headlines by mentioning that Chairman Bill Gates was getting four million spams per day. At the time, I was dealing with a little spam problem of my own – I was getting around a million spams per day. I found it a little comforting that my problem wasn’t quite as bad as Bill’s. However, a couple of weeks later Ballmer corrected himself, saying he mis-remembered the stat and Gates actually gets four million per year. This means I was getting one hundred times as much spam as Bill Gates. I’ve written a tutorial explaining why I get so much crapmail and how I deal with it.”
* * *
Happy 4th of July (sound):
* * *
Google’s Mirror elgooG –
* * *
HotHotHot The Nets Coolest Net Shop since 1994! – Itˇ¦s not what you think, shame on you, although you should handle with care.