On the road

I’m writing from my old friend Zim’s house in Denver Colorado. This at the end of 3 days travel. I spent each night in Elyria OH, Iowa City Iowa, a campground west of Grand Island Nebraska, and now Denver!

Tomorow I’m seeing Stevie near Boulder. Then it’s on to the south and Arizona. I think the Grand Canyon and some other spectacular places are in my future.

I’m so glad I stopped to see Zim, his wife and son. They’re just terrific.



  1. TJIC says:

    You spent EACH night in those four places? That’s a huge amount of scurrying around in the middle of each night…but you made FABULOUS time!

  2. Ann Waddell says:

    Hi Lee!

    So great to hear from you! You look like your having a great time!!
    I’m so glad you found a place to live. I talked to your father,
    what a hoot! He seems like he is pretty funny. We agreed to meet
    at the Panter Valley Country Club when I’m up there sometime. I
    have been incredibly busy and have listed 4.5m in listings in the
    last week. Thank god for an assistant!! I love your web page by
    the way. Hope all is well we will definately have to stay in touch.
    I coersed your cell phone number from your father. So you are programed into my phone. When I go out to the west coast I have to meet up with you.

    Thank you so much for calling me. I’ll call later,

  3. Bernard Rosenberg says:

    P.S If you took 80 into Denver I believe you saw the Rockies from forty miles away it is just aswesome

  4. Lee says:

    The air was a bit hazy so I could only see it for about 15 miles :-( My friend who lived in Boulder said he was a bit disappointed for me at how hazy it was. I have a couple very proud photos of myself in front of the front range of the Rockies. They’ll be online soon. That was a big step on my road west!

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