TGIF: a really good humor mailing list

My good friend Eric puts out a mailer every Friday called TGIF. He’s been doing it off and on for several years now. It’s a wonderful time waster while you’re waiting for 4:45pm to become 5pm on Friday.

Check out the tgifhumor Group on Yahoo

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To give you a taste, here’s a snippet from this week’s mailer

PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals:
* * *
Rubber Ducky Youre the One: (sound)
* * *
“In November 2004, Microsoft’s second-in-command Steve Ballmer made some headlines by mentioning that Chairman Bill Gates was getting four million spams per day. At the time, I was dealing with a little spam problem of my own – I was getting around a million spams per day. I found it a little comforting that my problem wasn’t quite as bad as Bill’s. However, a couple of weeks later Ballmer corrected himself, saying he mis-remembered the stat and Gates actually gets four million per year. This means I was getting one hundred times as much spam as Bill Gates. I’ve written a tutorial explaining why I get so much crapmail and how I deal with it.”
* * *
Happy 4th of July (sound):
* * *
Google’s Mirror elgooG –
* * *
HotHotHot The Nets Coolest Net Shop since 1994! – Its not what you think, shame on you, although you should handle with care.

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